Group A- Buyer’s Group…Good News, Bad News…March 19th, 2020

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Greetings!  The Bad News–No place seems to be immune from the uncertainty and erratic behaviors brought on by the unknown of the corona virus.  The Good News–We were assured by Spokane Produce that our order will be filled and on its way for the Thursday’s Buyer’s Group.  🙂

So…this week’s Special Box:  Greybull Valley Produce Terrific Trio Lettuces, pint of ORG Blackberries, 1# ORG Washington Danjou Pears, ORG Baby Bok Choi, ORG Mini-peel Carrots, ORG White Onion, ORG Green Bell Pepper, Broccolini, & ORG Poppie Tomatoes–$30   I hope to have 2 EXTRA Boxes…text 431-1219 to reserve, and sign up for the Buyer’s Group for a steady flow of produce.

In light of what’s going on state-wide,

  1. We will operate as usual on Thursday, 10 am to 6 pm.  (We have a low concentration of folks, foot traffic is spread out over the day, folks need good, fresh food.) 
  2. We will follow safety guidelines and wipe down the door knobs and table surface.
  3. We encourage you to wash all your fruits and veggies as they are coming out of state and out of country, and have gone through many hands to get here.
  4. If we find a rush of folks that normally don’t come to the Buyer’s Group on Thursday’s, we may turn them away to reserve the stock for members and regular participants.
  5. We can make deliveries for those that work or are home, let us know Thursday morning–text 431-1219. ($3.50 to offset cost)
  6. Any Extra’s from The Store will be boxed up and offered over Facebook Friday to keep the rotation of the produce, and to offer it to folks outside the Buyer’s Group.


See you Thursday!  I have 14 openings in Group B, and 6 openings in Group A.  Membership in the Buyer’s Group is a guaranty of fresh produce 2 times a month, and  an opportunity to stock your greens, fruits, herbs, and other vegetables every week!  Take care of yourselves, and build that all important immune system! 

The Farmer’s Wife


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