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Thursday at The Farm– Group A, Walk-in’s Welcome! Set Aside March 21st…

What a great group of veggies in the Box this weekGreybull Valley local Lettuce, ORG Honeycrisp Apples and Hass Avocado, ORG Cucumber, ORG ready to cook Green Beans, ORG Leek for your Cauliflower soup (Cauliflower included!), ORG Japanese Sweet Potatoes!– $30  Group A.

Things you may want to consider adding to your Box are a Jicama, Bell Peppers, Orange, and Lime juice to pare with your bed of lettuce and avocado in the Jicama Salad (Recipe #69)Walnuts and Celery for the Waldorf Salad (Recipe #60.A) using your Honeycrisp Apples.  Cashews for your Creamy Cauliflower soup (Recipe #62).

Lots of good items in The Store!  The cows are gone, moved out Friday last week, and now all that remains in a little dung and some mud that we hope will be dried up by Thursday!  The Farmer has been moving the snow and mud with his blade to make your adventure to The Farm a joy!  Enjoy the sun–Spring is on it’s way! 

First day of Spring is March 19th…set aside March 21st to celebrate the Spring Equinox with us at The Farm– an evening of music with Liz (and maybe Jared if his work doesn’t call him away!)…Good tunes, sweet vibes, finger foods…bring your honey, virgin drinks only–Cost should be less than $20 for the two!  7:00 – 9:00…Reservations encouraged, space limited…Come and RELAX–email or text to 431-1219 with your name.    

The Farmer’s Wife