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Thursday at THE FARM–Buyer’s Group

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The truck comes in tomorrow–we put the boxes together and get the food stocked for sale–and then open Thursday morning at 10:00 am.  The Store is open until 6 pm to pick up your Box and add in items for the rest of the week.  Food is essential!  

2 EXTRA Special Boxes For Sale–text 431-1219 to RESERVE.  Sign up to be a part of the Food from now until the End of May.  $30 a Box, 2 times a Month.  Group A & Group B.

BOX 1–1# Mandarin Tangerines & pint of ORG Blackberries, Asparagus, Greybull Valley Butterhead Lettuce, bundle of Leeks, ORG Cherry on-the-Vine tomatoes (12 oz), 2# ORG Red Potatoes, ORG Colored Bell Pepper, and a very unique and special ORG Watermelon Radish$30 with an Info Sheet.

BOX 2–2 AvocadosBroccoli headGreybull Valley Green Leaf Lettuce, bundle of Leeks, ORG Rubie on-the-Vine Tomatoes (12 oz), 2# ORG Red Potatoes, ORG Colored Bell Pepper, and a fresh bundle of ORG Red Radishes$30 with an info Sheet.


Lloyd Craft Farms takes the month of June off to get the garden ready for the CSA in July.  Garden is harvested 13 weeks, and Extensions are available for 2 weeks in October.  Consider NOW joining the CSA, pay before May 15th, and save $65 off the Weekly Share, and $35 off the Leap-Frog.  Cost is higher after May 15th–take advantage now. 

Sign up ON-LINE at, and send money later…note in comments your payment plans.  🙂

We can be uncertain of what the next couple of months will bring, but we can be assured, we need to eat.  We should eat good to be healthy and strong to withstand whatever health issues are sent our way!  The Farmer’s Wife   

Week 12- Group A– April 2nd, Thursday, 10 am to 6 pm at The Farm…info on CSA, too…and other STUFF!

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Greetings Good Foodies!  Sun is shining and I LOVE IT!  Get out and get your fresh air and sunshine…20 minutes of ‘unprotected’ sun gets you a healthy dose of Vitamin D–known to also help your body in fighting viruses….

Also, envision fresh garden goodies starting in July and running through mid-October, and  JOIN THE CSA!  Sign up on-line under the CSA tab (CSA Sign up page), and then mail a check or deliver it Thursday at The Farm (you can put it in the mail too–1049 Washakie Ten, Worland, 82401)  Pay before May 15th and save some money.  It may seem a burden to pay now, but you will be guaranteed fresh veggies through the summer, and help us to fund the garden.  It’s a win-win! We all need food, and good food helps us live a fuller life!

NOW–This week in the Buyer’s Group we are assembling 50 Special Boxes with two different content groups…first come, first serve, sorry no reservations on your box choice.  46 Boxes are spoken for, but 4 are set aside for a few people that expressed an interest, but have not texted me to sign up…I guess that means I have 4 EXTRA’s this week!  If you are interested, text 431-1219 to Sign up for Group A.  (If my Boxes run out, I can sign you up for Group B on April 9th.  Ask about a free pass for this week…)

BOX 1–1# Mandarin Tangerines & pint of ORG Blackberries, Asparagus, Greybull Valley Butterhead Lettuce, bundle of Leeks, ORG Cherry on-the-Vine tomatoes (12 oz), 2# ORG Red Potatoes, ORG Colored Bell Pepper, and a very unique and special ORG Watermelon Radish$30 with an Info Sheet.

BOX 2–2 Avocados, Broccoli head, Greybull Valley Green Leaf Lettuce, bundle of Leeks, ORG Rubie on-the-Vine Tomatoes (12 oz), 2# ORG Red Potatoes, ORG Colored Bell Pepper, and a fresh bundle of ORG Red Radishes$30 with an info Sheet.

Last week’s Info Sheet introduced the Mustard Plant Family (we may have a repeat so Group B gets the botany/nutrition lesson, too)…So, which of the vegetables above are members of this nutritious and special family?  Text me 431-1219 with your guess  🙂

The Store at The Farm is well stocked! Check out what’s available on-line at a page of the same name:  The Store at The Farm…newer items:  Medjool Dates, Kiwi, ORG Blueberries, more Crimini Mushrooms and Dole Golden Pineapple, 100# ORG Russet Potatoes, Tri-Colored  Bell Peppers, Jicama, and all the normal STUFF!  Members and those who have shopped here before are WELCOME!


***********************************************************************************We should have White Flour & Wheat Flour–limited to 5# per member–150# available on Thursday….FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE…price to be determined upon receipt on Thursday.  Sign up Sheet Thursday for April 9th.  (BTW–interested in 50# High Gluten Pizza flour??  Order Thursday for April 9th–$30.50)



See you Thursday at The Farm–The Farmer’s Wife!


Buyer’s Group B– March 26th, at The Farm…

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We have expanded this week’s order to better meet the needs of our members, new and old.  We are still able to stock lots of EXTRA’s to purchase:  fruits, additional veggies, greens, herbs, nuts, gingerroot and garlic.  We are also adding Brown Eggs (1 dozen limit per member), Medjool dates and raisins, and taking orders for white flour for next week! 

Paul, the Spokane Produce Sales Rep, says there is not a shortage of food, and my shortage last week was due to rains in Arizona, California, and Washington.  He also added with the slow down of school and restaurant orders a shift will occur as the market adjusts to different buying patterns.  He checked our order on Tuesday, which was being filled for delivery today, and things are looking GOOD!

Boxes this week:  2# ORG Lemons and Avocado, ORG Spinach (Greybull Valley Living Lettuce), 1# Asparagus, Cauliflower (ORG Brussels Sprouts), Cucumber (ORG Orange Bell Pepper), ORG Yellow Sweet Onion, and 4# ORG Yukon Potatoes (Red Potatoes)–Cost $30, and includes info sheet.

Reminder of our guidelines-

  1. We are wiping down the doorknob and handles that are touched the most, and keeping our hands as clean as possible.  Money is probably the biggest issue, so keep that in mind and wash your hands after handling.  Remember to wash your produce before you use it–Not a bad habit considering how far it has traveled and through so many hands.  (Unlike our garden goodies in the CSA which are from The Farm right into your own hands!)
  2. We seldom have more than 10 in the Shelter at any one time.  Keep a reasonable distance between folks.  If you must sneeze, sneeze outside the group, away from the food items and other folks.  If you are sick, or feel that you may be coming down with the flu or a cold, don’t come to the Shelter.  (See #3)
  3. Two choices for Pickup/Delivery:  Text 431-1219 when you arrive at The Farm to have us deliver your  box to your vehicle outside the Shelter.  OR Text 431-1219 before 3:00 for in-town or at home delivery ($3.50 delivery fee).
  4. If you are not wanting food this week, let me know by noon so that I can sell the box to another person.

See you at The Farm for the Buyer’s Group Members and our regular shoppers, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Thursday’s only, 1049 Washakie Ten, Worland….Take some time to sign up for the CSA that will start in July and runs all summer into the fall.  Discounted price if paid before May 15th!  (CSA requires payment in full before the season starts–this helps us fund the garden which is already in production in the greenhouse!)

As always, getting you good food for healthy bodies to build a healthy community, one body at a time.  Per Dr. Fuhrman, author of Super Immunity, a healthy body can make a lot of changes in adapting to new viruses.  A micronutrient deficient body may not have what it needs to conquer the flu, let alone a new virus strain.  Keep perspective:  Coronavirus is not a death wish, the majority of the folks survive, but those with compromised immunity are at the greatest risk. 

Stay intentional in living your life–The Farmer’s Wife


NO Spring EQUINOX Tonight!

Sorry for late notice–we have cancelled the gathering at The Farm tonight!   Be safe and enjoy LIFE!

The Farmer’s Wife

Greetings! Buyer’s Group March 26th, 2020–At The Farm

Business Card

We are just wrapping up a crazy and challenging week…on all fronts!  Truck order was short by $300 worth of goods and 2 hours late, Box reservations had ballooned by an additional 7 boxes by Wednesday, and my neck and back were killing me!  (I’ll just whine this once–)  BUT, thanks for all the patience and support…we filled all the orders and boxes…and only had a basket of limes, 2 lemons, 1 parsley, 4 ginger roots, and a fennel left over after the dust cleared.  Because of demand, we were able to sell boxes on Thursday for those folks that were under the weather and not wishing to venture forth.  (Remember to give us a head’s up by Thursday morning if you can’t make it–I also don’t mind holding a box a couple of days for you to pick it up–just let me know!)

The order for March 26th Buyer’s Group (B) has been placed.  Be intentional in your actions…we have plenty of food for those that are signed up and will continue to stock extra’s for purchase.  We have coolers and have ordered case lots on those items we can store for several weeks.  Because of social gathering restrictions we will keep our member numbers close to those who have shopped in the past, and will not be opening The Store up to newcomers. However, I still have some openings in both Group A & B if you are interested in joining, send me a text… 431-1219.  Cost is $30 per box, twice a month.  Membership is limited.  Program runs through the end of May.

This week’s BOX:  Organic Girl Spinach – 5 oz (only available in the BOX), 2# bag of Meyer Lemons (natural Vitamin C–an anti-viral), Avocado, 1# bagAsparagus, head ofCauliflower, ORGCucumber, ORG Yellow Onion, 4# ORGRed or Yukon Potatoes, info Sheet…recipes on-line– $30 

(4 EXTRA Boxes this week–extra items will be listed on Facebook Friday if necessary–)

Visit The Store at The Farm… page…it tells you what we hope to have, quantities are indicated after the item.  We are stocking most of the same BUT several NEW ITEMS………..Dozen Brown eggs for $4.00…..Jumbo Medjool Dates- 12 oz packet for $6.75…………ORG Lemon & Herb Dressing…opportunity to sign up for flour for the first week in April.  

See you Thursday, 10:00 to 6:00 at The Farm–  The Farmer’s Wife



CSA- Thoughts for Today

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This is a good time to consider joining the CSA–especially in light of not knowing the end date of this pandemic, or the extent of its reach into our communities. 

  • The CSA is Farmer to CSA Members without middle men or additional points of contamination, produce is local and fresh.
  • The CSA is fresh and nutrient dense foods high in phytochemicals and polypenols that build the immune system to deal with viral attacks and infections for the future. The intention of our farming methods is to add more minerals and micronutrients into the soil to be taken up by the plants, and into our systems in turn!
  • The CSA space is limited by the size of the garden and what we have planted…Help us plan for enough food for all the members by joining NOW!  Plans are being made right NOW for the garden that will be planted in 6 weeks, plants are being started NOW!
  • Prepayment helps us to pay our input costs without going to the bank or using credit cards.  We have already ordered seeds, and need to make the trek to Colorado for our organic chicken manure…

You can sign up on-line under the CSA tab, and pay later, but do not sign up unless you are sincere about joining! 

(Information is posted at under the CSA tab.  On line sign up is under the CSA Sign up for local folks that come to The Farm for Pick up.  Sign up Special Box Program if you are outside our community and we make deliveries.  Call me if interested or to clarify!  431-1219)

Pay by May 15th for SAVINGS!  Sign up to save your spot and let us count you in.  Pay in March, April, and May in installments to simplify payment.  This applies to the Special Box Program, too!   🙂     The Farmer’s Wife

Group A- Buyer’s Group…Good News, Bad News…March 19th, 2020

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Greetings!  The Bad News–No place seems to be immune from the uncertainty and erratic behaviors brought on by the unknown of the corona virus.  The Good News–We were assured by Spokane Produce that our order will be filled and on its way for the Thursday’s Buyer’s Group.  🙂

So…this week’s Special Box:  Greybull Valley Produce Terrific Trio Lettuces, pint of ORG Blackberries, 1# ORG Washington Danjou Pears, ORG Baby Bok Choi, ORG Mini-peel Carrots, ORG White Onion, ORG Green Bell Pepper, Broccolini, & ORG Poppie Tomatoes–$30   I hope to have 2 EXTRA Boxes…text 431-1219 to reserve, and sign up for the Buyer’s Group for a steady flow of produce.

In light of what’s going on state-wide,

  1. We will operate as usual on Thursday, 10 am to 6 pm.  (We have a low concentration of folks, foot traffic is spread out over the day, folks need good, fresh food.) 
  2. We will follow safety guidelines and wipe down the door knobs and table surface.
  3. We encourage you to wash all your fruits and veggies as they are coming out of state and out of country, and have gone through many hands to get here.
  4. If we find a rush of folks that normally don’t come to the Buyer’s Group on Thursday’s, we may turn them away to reserve the stock for members and regular participants.
  5. We can make deliveries for those that work or are home, let us know Thursday morning–text 431-1219. ($3.50 to offset cost)
  6. Any Extra’s from The Store will be boxed up and offered over Facebook Friday to keep the rotation of the produce, and to offer it to folks outside the Buyer’s Group.


See you Thursday!  I have 14 openings in Group B, and 6 openings in Group A.  Membership in the Buyer’s Group is a guaranty of fresh produce 2 times a month, and  an opportunity to stock your greens, fruits, herbs, and other vegetables every week!  Take care of yourselves, and build that all important immune system! 

The Farmer’s Wife


CSA is OPEN for the 2020 Season! Accepting Sign Ups for the Special Box Program, too–

Business Card

Check out the updated pages under the CSA and the Special Box Program! Save MONEY by signing up and paying in full before May 15th.  (Memberships are used to pay for the input costs of the garden and we are ordering seed and starting plants right now!)  We’d love to include you in the fresh veggies and awesomely healthy goods we produce here on The Farm–

Prices are listed for the CSA members who pick up their veggies at The Farm on Thursday’s (July through September/October) under the CSA tab, 2020 Share Prices.  Sign up under the CSA tab, Sign Up CSA page.

Prices are listed for the Special Box Program under the Special Box Program tab. Sign up under the Special Box Program tab, Sign up Special Box Program page.  

Note of clarification:  CSA members are within Washakie County, Special Box Program members are outside Washakie County in Hot Springs, Fremont, Sheridan and Johnson Counties where we deliver.  If you are in a county not listed, we’d love to set up delivery with at least 30 folks in your community.  Shoot me an email  

Casper is serviced through Fresh Foods Wyoming.  You can sign up through LeAnn Miller at, or by visiting their website. 

CSA and Special Box Program starts with the maturity of The Garden, usually around the second week in July.  CSA Garden programs run 13-15 weeks.  All CSA Shares are paid prior to the start of the CSA– Considerable discounts are offered this year for those who pay before May 15th!

We continue with the Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome until the end of May. More openings for Buyer’s Group in both Groups A & B.  TEXT 431-1219 to sign up.

The Farmer’s Wife

Week 9- Group B- Thursday Market at The Farm–Open to the Public


Things are drying up quickly here at The Farm!  Yesterday was 61 degrees and the breeze this morning has eliminated the mud–just a little snow on the side that will continue to melt, but IF WE GET NO NEW MOISTURE, the road down the lane is nice!  

SPECIAL BOXES THIS WEEK: 3# bag Peelz Mandarin Oranges & a Hass Avocado, Greybull Valley Tri-Pack Mini-heads Lettuce (NEW), ORG Green Bell Pepper, ORG 12 oz bag Earthbound Green Beans (ready to go!), an ORG WA Sweet Yellow Onion, 1# bag ORG Brussels sprouts, & ORG Japanese YamsInfo Sheet$30 (If you’d like to be included, text 431-1219 to reserve a BOX…limited Special Boxes available!)

Watch for information on the CSA which is opening March 9th!  Pay before May 15th and save $65.  CSA memberships are used to help fund The Garden!  When The Garden is in full production, all CSA members can shop any Thursday from 4:00-6:00, July through mid-October.  Members can purchase a Weekly Box plan, a Leap-Frog plan, or a Monthly plan.  (Monthly plan is great for those that can use 1 Box a month, but come and shop every Thursday!  Web-site being updated– Stay tuned!

Last item–Set aside Saturday, March 21st, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. for the Spring Equinox kick off here at The Farm.  Music by Liz, finger foods and virgin Mules from Moscow will be served.  Reserve your space–Make it a Date Night!…$20 a couple cover fee.  Text 431-1219.  The Farmer’s Wife


Thursday at The Farm– Group A, Walk-in’s Welcome! Set Aside March 21st…

What a great group of veggies in the Box this weekGreybull Valley local Lettuce, ORG Honeycrisp Apples and Hass Avocado, ORG Cucumber, ORG ready to cook Green Beans, ORG Leek for your Cauliflower soup (Cauliflower included!), ORG Japanese Sweet Potatoes!– $30  Group A.

Things you may want to consider adding to your Box are a Jicama, Bell Peppers, Orange, and Lime juice to pare with your bed of lettuce and avocado in the Jicama Salad (Recipe #69)Walnuts and Celery for the Waldorf Salad (Recipe #60.A) using your Honeycrisp Apples.  Cashews for your Creamy Cauliflower soup (Recipe #62).

Lots of good items in The Store!  The cows are gone, moved out Friday last week, and now all that remains in a little dung and some mud that we hope will be dried up by Thursday!  The Farmer has been moving the snow and mud with his blade to make your adventure to The Farm a joy!  Enjoy the sun–Spring is on it’s way! 

First day of Spring is March 19th…set aside March 21st to celebrate the Spring Equinox with us at The Farm– an evening of music with Liz (and maybe Jared if his work doesn’t call him away!)…Good tunes, sweet vibes, finger foods…bring your honey, virgin drinks only–Cost should be less than $20 for the two!  7:00 – 9:00…Reservations encouraged, space limited…Come and RELAX–email or text to 431-1219 with your name.    

The Farmer’s Wife