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A few weeks ago we announced that we were discontinuing the Info Sheet with Recipes as they were getting expensive to print.  My thought was to send the info sheet with recipes file digitally to you via email, but I forgot how much time that entails after already working 11 hours on Thursday, and 4 hours the night before… SO…Here’s the latest and I think this will work the best:

  • We are continuing with the Info Sheet (1 page, 2 sides) and focusing on nutritional information or interesting side notes
  • Recipe numbers will be referenced in the Info Sheet
  • You can check them out here at under the Recipe Tab.
  • The Recipe page is rather primitive…locate the recipe under the contents listing, then scroll down to that number, highlight, copy, and paste into your Word program to print OR retrieve it on an iPad or smartphone and view it from there as you cook
  • Enjoy the cooking experience!  Read the recipe to get the gist and then go for it…

Tell me what you think!~  The Farmer’s Wife

WEEK 7- Group B, Great Veggies and Fruits, Thursday at The Farm (1049 Washakie Ten, Worland)…10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

Sample Box in Box  Not the actual BOX…but includes 6 items of the 9 pictured!  Hint:  Red tones…with a Cucurbit and Brassica…

Update on The Farm, specifically The Garden….Celery and Celeriac seeds are in the soil and under the heated lamps and on the heated pads.  The Farmer has been busy preparing The  Nursery for the new arrivals!  We will open up the CSA for Membership in March–wow!  That time of year already–consider joining the CSA (or the Special Box Program) to continue with quality produce during the summer.  –what a great chance to support local and take good care of you and your families!  More info to follow….

This week’s SPECIAL BOX- $30, GROUP B (4 openings–text 431-1219 to join and reserve a BOX for Thursday:  

  • ORG Red Cabbage (with ideas on how to fix it!)
  • ORG Red Potatoes- 5# bag
  • ORG Red Onion
  • ORG Red Bell Pepper
  • Greybull Valley Red Leaf Living Lettuce
  • ORG Cherry Tomatoes- 1 pint
  • (Are you seeing a pattern here? Info sheet will introduce ‘anthocyanin’…)
  • ORG Cucumber 
  • ORG Broccoli Crowns
  • Garlic Bulb
  • ORG Rainbow Carrots- 2# bag


What’s in The Store?  Lots of great produce–both fruits and veggies, mostly USDA certified Organic...New this week, RED BEETS & ARTICHOKES, more ASPARAGUS, BROCCOLI CROWNS, CAULIFLOWER, GREEN ‘CAULIFLOWER’ called ROMANESCO, JICAMA (Mexican Potato–sweet and crunchy), 2# bags RAINBOW CARROTS, CELERY, KALES, SWISS CHARDPEPPERS AND CHERRY TOMATOES…5 varieties of POTATOESONIONS and GARLICHERBSand Much, Much MORE!  Reasonably priced, Thursday’s ONLY.  (Check out the page:  The Store at The Farm–More Good Stuff! at )

What’s in the FUTURE?  Spring Equinox at The Farm, March 21st, Tunes and Finger Foods, Virgin Moscow Mules…7 pm to 9 pmBring your Honey for a date night!  Liz is working up a new set of songs…hoping Jared will be available, too! Set the date aside, more information to follow…


The Farmer’s Wife–pining for Spring!