Week 3- Group A- Buyer’s Group…The Store with Prices updated, too


“The Store” page with inventory and prices has been updated.  Check it out on-line so you can anticipate for a better shopping experience Thursday. Quantities are limited, first come, first serve. The Store tab is at the top on the home page:  http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com

Some of the Specials this week :  Huge and delicious Pomegranates pictured above for $3 (I have 22!), Heirloom Oranges ($1.75/#), ORG Honeycrisp Apples (domestic, not imported!- $3.00/#), ORG Cherry Tomatoes-on-the-Vine– 12 oz ($6.00), Broccoli Asian Crowns ($3.75 to $4.00), Cauliflower head ($5.00), ORG Brussels sprouts ($4.75- 12 oz), ORG Cucumbers ($2.00 each), ORG Tri-Colored Bell Peppers ($6.00 per pack), ORG Earthbound Green Beans ($5.50- 12 oz), ORG  Garnet Yams ($2.25/#)…much more!


What’s in the Box?  Lots of goodies…our own Russet Potatoes (maybe Yukon’s-3#) and onions and SunchokesHeirloom Oranges (from which all others cometh!), Organic Girl Baby Spinach– 5 oz tub, ORG Brussels sprouts, Broccoli Asian Crowns, ORG Orange Bell Pepper, and ORG Poppie Tomatoes-on-the-vine.   Recipes available, too!   $30  

It’s Group A this week, but see below….

(Please note:  if you are in Group A and want to skip until Feb 6 let me know ASAP!  If you are in B and want to have a Box this week to tide you over to February 13th, let me know ASAP!)  I’m sure this is clear as MUD–give me a call at 431-1219 for clarification… 🙂   Remember:  Group A 1st and 3rd Thursday, Group B 2nd and 4th Thursday.  January 30th is a 5th Thursday.  The Farmer’s Wife!



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