Buyer’s Group–Three Things to KNOW!

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First–Thanks to the folks that made the short jaunt out to The Farm to pick up their Special Box and to those that journeyed to shop!  Lots of new folks and Walk-in’s, too–Warms our hearts…  🙂    It was a great day with lots of good sunshine and merriment!    

Second–Put February 6th aside for the Taco Dinner at The Farm!  5:30 TO 7:30 p.m.  (We have Group A Boxes that day, too…so plan on staying!)   Featured is Grandma Mary Magdalena Mondragon’s tortillas (Courtesy The Farmer), Chille Rellanos Casserole with our 2019 Poblano peppers, our homemade “Fresh” Salsa, Jalapeno Poppers, and a light salad.  Music by Lizwe just built her a new stage.  Limited Space, Reservations required, $15-$20 suggested donation.  Text 431-1219 to hold your space(Money’s to be used for the hydronic floor in the greenhouse under construction.)

Third–January 30th is a 5th Thursday so it throws the rotation off for the Buyer’s Group.  (Group A- 1st and 3rd Thursday; Group B- 2nd and 4th Thursday)  We are designating January 30th for Group A, who will then have another Box February 6th. But Group B can jump in, too, though you just got boxes January 23rd!

We are also inviting  NEW FOLKS to jump in and try an Introductory Special Box with no commitment to join either group…I’m just so sure that you’re going to try this Box and then say “Sign Me UP!”  Tell a friend, co-worker, or relative…Text 431-1219

(Please note:  if you are in Group A and want to skip until Feb 6 let me know ASAP!  If you are in B and want to have a Box this week to tide you over to February 13th, let me know ASAP!)  I’m sure this is clear as MUD–give me a call at 431-1219 for clarification… 🙂       The Farmer’s Wife


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