BOX 1 went out last Wednesday!  Thursday morning we piled into the car and headed to DIA to fly to California– 2 degrees in Denver the morning we flew out and 65 degrees when we landed late morning at Ontario International Airport in Southern California.  Great break for The Farmer (his knee healed a bit more) and The Farmer’s Wife (mind slowed down for 6 days)…BUT BACK AT IT!  We have more great locally grown produce to move before year’s end–

Time to Sign up for BOX 2, if you haven’t already!  TEXT 431-1219 or email craftterri@rtconnect.net.  Up to 26 Special Boxes still available.  Take this oppportunity to reserve BOX 3*! Deliveries to Thermopolis, Riverton, Lander, Buffalo, and Sheridan. $35.  Pick up in Worland at The Farm! $30  (Additional items can be purchased from the coolers and storage bins at The Farm, too!)

BOX 2- November 20th (Reserve by November 18th–Monday)
Head of Deadon Cabbage (January King Savoy–full flavor and beautiful!)
1# Brussels Sprouts
3# Red Norland Potatoes
1# Purple Carrot Blend 
2# Red Beets
Jumbo Sierra Blanca onion 
1/2# Sunchokes
Kabocha Winter Squash

All goodies delivered in our sweet white Boxes with neat handles; Info Sheet with Recipes (Harvard Beets, Roasted Beets, Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Vinegar and Dried Cranberries, Boiled Savoy cabbage, Roasted Sunchokes, and Sweet and Savory Roasted Kabocha), additional information on Sunchokes– a nutrient powerhouse for the gut– and other relative information on the veggies included in the BOX!

*BOX 3 contents listed at http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com , Fall Produce- 2019 tab.

**Special Item for purchase (available only with the box and those who Pick Up at The Farm–refrigeration issue…)– Pumpkin Pie from Scratch! There will be 12 of these available for an additional $12.50. Order when you order your Box!**


As wholesome of ingredients as I can readily get my hands on:  fresh pumpkin (our own!) and spices, Organic Valley Half & Half, brown sugar, farm fresh eggs….crust made with coconut oil.  (I’ve tried raw honey and molasses for the sweeteners with inconsistent results…brown sugar is the most consistent as well as a mix of white and wheat flours for the crusts.  Roughly 1 cup sugar per pie–) 

Help us MOOOOVE our regionally raised veggies!  The Farmer’s Wife

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  3. Posted by Connie Bowers on November 14, 2019 at 12:48 am

    Terri these aren’t the boxes we get Bee Healthy in the past are they?

    Connie Bowers


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