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2019 CSA Garden Season Closes! Fall SoupFest Deemed a Success–

The Transformation was AMAZING!  This looks like a rustic restaurant…sorta…but definitely a change from 24 hours earlier when we were bagging potatoes and carrots, brushing the dirt off the celeriac, and packing 58 boxes for delivery Thursday–  24 hours earlier Jans and Christa were making soups and baking bread!  But here it is…comfortable seating, sweet background music, colorful veggie tablecloths, wonderful soups and crunchy fresh bread, and good friends and new acquaintances enjoying wholesome, hearty soup made from the ingredients of The Garden! 

Thanks to all those that came to eat, and those that stopped by to pick up Soup To Go–And on that upbeat note, we end the 2019 Garden Season:  1,562 Special Boxes and Shares were served over the 15 week period!  Garden Fresh veggies, nutrient dense, went to Casper, Riverton, Lander, Thermopolis, and served folks from Ten Sleep, Basin, Manderson, Greybull, and of course, Worland–Thanks for taking your food serious and taking the time to ask, “What is this?, “Do you have beets for sale?”, “When will the delivery be made?”, “How can we get more corn?”…thanks for taking the time and making the time!  See you in 2020–

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The Farmer’s Wife!  Eat your Veggies!