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ALMOST DONE! Garden Week 14–

Thanksgiving and Christmas pies are right around the corner!

Folks will be dropping like flies…I know that is not a refreshing picture considering the flies this time of year are A-1 PESTS!  The normal span of the CSA is 13 weeks,  with an option to Extend to 15 weeks.  Last week was the last Share/Box for some–start dates in July were staggered while the garden increased production and so the end is staggered…but you can ADD ON or EXTEND!  Here’s what I mean:  Week 13 and 14 will be in excess of 100 Shares/Boxes, but Week 15 at this time is 51 Shares/Boxes (dropping like flies)…but you can continue by adding one or two more Shares/Boxes! (Below the quote box is an idea of what to expect next week and in Week 15–)

If you want to EXTEND, and haven’t already, send me a text 431-1219.  Cost is $25 in Worland, and $30 in the outside areas in the Special Box program per box–2 Boxes for Weekly, 1 Box for Leap-Frog.  We start putting the Boxes together on Wednesday, so I need to know before October 16th.  Payments can be made by PayPal (add $2 to cover the fee), pay Thursday at CSA Pick Up, or mail a check to 1049 Washakie Ten, Worland, WY  82401.

Hot Pepper Mix with sweet (Not Hot) Bells–these were harvested before the frost and so some are not as firm as originally, but the flavor is YUMM!  I’d like to put some Snack Peppers with these, too–so the hot and not-hot will be bagged separately as to not mix you up!  All Groups have this pepper combination.  Week 15 will be Yellow/Green Flavorburst Bell Peppers.  

3# Potatoes–last week it was Fingerlings, a Fingerling Mix, Huckleberry Gold, or Yukon’s.  This week it will be Fingerlings or Satina.  Week 15 will be 5# Potatoes–either Red Norland, Russet, or Satina…all which store good!      REMINDER:  Potatoes should be stored in bags that breath (paper is a great option) and in the dark.  You want to minimize the greening caused by light–some folks are sensitive to nightshades, and potatoes are a nightshade along with peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes.

I once read the diary of the guy that floated down the Colorado River (Powell was the name) before the Colorado was dammed up.  At the start of their journey their food canoe tipped over and so all they had for supplies were coffee and bacon.  They hunted along the route, but as they passed through Indian territory they spotted some young potato and corn plants that the Pueblo’s had planted along the river for their summer crops.  The traveling party, tiring of wild game, helped themselves to potato plants.  No one died but their intestinal tracts were disrupted and some wished they could die!  

Tomatoes–we have held back some Roma tomatoes to add to the Shares.  No tomatoes in Week 15, but Cabbage or Brussels Sprouts as well as other root crops like Daikon Radishes, Turnips, or Red Beets.   

Carrots–last week was Rainbow or Sugarsnax (orange) carrots.  This week it will be Cosmic Carrots for those that had Rainbow, and Rainbow for those that had Sugarsnax.  1# bag to store in the fridge!  Week 15 will be 3# Cosmic Carrots which store excellent in the fridge.

Onion–Sierra Blanca (Jumbo White) for all, partially dried, but maybe not enough to store outside the fridge.  Week 15 will be Highlander Onions, a great dried storage onion.

Celery for your bone broth needs, soups and stews, goulashes, and fresh stalks with raisins and peanut butter…we called these Ants on a Log when the kids were young.  Celery is such a great staple–its flavor continues to develop the longer it cooks…parsley and carrots are in the same family!  Week 15 will have Celeriac, or Celery root–the same uses as celery and stores longer in the fridge…but no Ants on a Log…

Surprise item:  Sunchokes (I’m a hoping they had a long enough growing season!)  These are also known as Jerusaleum Artichokes, and nicknamed by some: Fartichokes.  (Yes, it means what it sounds like.)  Sunchokes are a great pre-biotic, meaning they feed the probiotics in your gut.  (I think if your gut balance is off, or if you eat too chokes at one sitting, they will generate gas.  So beware!)  Also, sunchokes are good for diabetics if eaten within the first two week of harvest…something about inulin (not insulin)…check it out! Check out Recipe #57 to know how to roast them–

Buttercup Winter Squash for all!  Buttercup has more of the Hubbard family flavor (Maxima), unlike the Delicata, Acorns, or Spaghetti Squashes we’ve had the last three weeks that are milder.  Don’t be intimidated by winter squash.  Easiest to cook it ahead in a covered dish or crock pot to hold the moisture and not overcook, drying it out.  I always add an oil (olive, coconut, butter) and an Allium (garlic, slice of onion, shallot) to the seed cavity–it just seems to heighten the flavor making it a little savory.  I cook double what we need and put half in the fridge for Bisque–simple to make, recipes at  The Buttercup would be an excellent choice for a roasted sweet and savory squash recipe I have…I’ll track it down and get it posted to the Recipe page at  (The Hubbard family is high in beta-carotene which our bodies convert to Vitamin A–good for skin and overall health!  Super good in the winter!)  Week 15 will be the Butterscotch Butternut, a smaller version of the Waltham Butternut, none of which made it this year! 😦

PUMPKINS–All our pumpkins (except the Knucklehead’s) are suitable for making pies!  Couple of years ago we had a 40# pumpkin that I turned into 20+ Christmas pies–I have a killer pumpkin pie recipe (I use fresh cream instead of canned milk and lots of balanced spices)– posted on our Recipe page!  We will start passing out the pumpkins with this week’s Share/Box.  If you don’t have a Share/Box this week, and not one next week, then let me know by Wednesday and we will get one headed your direction or held here at The Farm for you.  FYI–you can buy our pumpkins at Blair’s Supermarket in Worland.  We will be delivering 4 more bins on Tuesday.  Not all the pumpkins there are ours, some come out of Utah…ours are the clean ones–LOL!

Stay Warm–Consider the Last Share/Box and let me know ASAP–The Farmer’s Wife