What to Expect in the Shares and Special Boxes this Week–2nd week October–


As you can imagine we have worked hard (and are still working hard) to get things harvested from the Garden for the last 3 weeks of this year’s garden season!  

Here’s what to EXPECT this week: 

Shishito Peppers in all the Groups–1/2# bag–great marinaded and roasted in your oven–Sweet, NOT hot!

Potatoes of some sort for all the Groups…we are digging these Tuesday!  I’m hoping for the Fingerling Mix, or the French Fingerlings–3# bag, store in the dark in a bag that breathes.  Not familiar with Fingerlings?  Check out the recipe, and learn how to cook them at http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com , Recipe tab, #56.

Tomatoes for all the Groups if the quality has held this past week from the rush pick prior to the October 2nd freeze.

Carrots for all the Groups–either Cosmic (a red), Sugarsnax (standard orange), or the Tri-color Mix – pictured above–Deep Purple, Purple Haze, and Orange…can you hear the Rock from the 70’s?  We are digging these Tuesday, too!

Green Onions for all the Groups, too.

Groups A, E, and D will get Fennel with Fronds in their Shares or Special Box–

Corn for Groups A, B, D, & E–the very last for the season!!

Broccoli, Broccolini Galion X, Romanesco, OR Bagged Cauliflower Mix will be in each of the Shares or Special Boxes.  We won’t know how they will be divided until we get them worked through and weighed and packaged–BUT you will get one of these!  They are Wonderful Surprises from the Garden that Erica and Jessica literally discovered during their Friday harvest!!

Winter Squash for the Week is Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash–a butter yellow colored, acorn looking, heirloom squash.  Obviously named after Thelma Sanders, and with the claim that it tastes like Sweet Potatoes!  This is a great candidate for baking in the oven–very sweet with a smooth texture–Everyone gets the same Squash of the Week!

There may be another surprise item…like the Lemon Cucumber, Romanesco, or Fennel of the past!  Stay tuned–The Farmer’s Wife



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