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What to Expect in the Special Boxes and Shares this Week–First Week in October!

garlic in roaster

Today was a very productive day considering it rained all day, it rained yesterday, and it is supposed to rain tomorrow…As posted earlier, we are in the last lap with the 2019 Garden…our energies and attentions are directed to harvesting and storing and protecting what the garden has already produced!  

Before I post another WORD–If anyone wants corn to freeze or enjoy, let me know MONDAY.  TEXT 431-1219.  $8.00/dozen.  We can deliver to anywhere we have Special Box members or CSA members. We are going to do a final harvest and store it in the cooler, but don’t want to harvest more than is needed this time of year because of limited cooler space!

So, what can you expect in your Share or Special Box for this first week in October?

Snack Peppers!–We harvested over 240# of the sweet and colorful Snack Peppers–97# of that will go to the CSA Members- GROUPS A, C, D, & E!  Orange Bells to Group B as they had Snack Peppers last week…  Our harvest style was a little different this week…The Farmer cut the plants off at ground level and brought them into the Shelter where we cut the maturest and sweetest off the plant, dried the rain off them, and then stored them in tubs in the cooler, and discarded the plant. 

Mulligan Stew fixings!  This is a great recipe from a dear friend of ours from the first year of the CSA–included will be Potatoes, Cabbage Sprouts, Roma Tomatoes (we hope), Celery, 2 large and gnarly Carrots for stew, Broccolini, and a good naturally dried down Highlander OnionYou supply 1# of stew meat, 3 T cooking oil, 2 cloves of fresh garlic, water, bay leaf, 1 C. beef broth, and 2 T corn starch.  We also include the recipe!

Melons stored in the cooler–I’m a-thinking Honey Dews, French Charentais, or a Watermelon…we now have some Amarilla (Yellow) and Orange Crisp (Orange)!

Delicata Winter Squash–a smaller yellow striped variety that can be sliced and cooked like zucchini, skin and all!  You can also cook them in the oven like other winter squash, but they are thin-meated and tender enough to fry, and you won’t run the risk of it drying out from over-cooking!

Pray for us as we try to maneuver the sogged ground, navigate through the below freezing night-time temps, and draw on miraculous energy to get it all done! The challenge this week for us may be digging the Satina potatoes with all the rain, gathering more ripened Roma’s, and having it dry enough to harvest Broccolini–But we will do our best!! …And we have a wedding in Seattle on Saturday–our daughter Michele and Chris! We fly out of Billings on Friday morning–  Take care!  The Farmer’s Wife