Another Busy Week…


Another busy week comes to a close!  We harvest, package, ship, and share Monday through Thursday–but this too will come to a close!  The weather is a changing and so we are going into hyper-mode to do what we can to protect what the garden has provided for us this season: harvest, store, cover, insulate.

Tomorrow we will start the clean harvest of many of the peppers and tomatoes.  Peppers will be stored in tubs in the coolers for several weeks, tomatoes will be ripened in the greenhouse and then sorted, boxed, and sold or shared.

We will make a decision on the corn–It has been so good this year!  (And it is getting harder to find non-GMO, organically raised corn with all the GMO sweet corn now in the market.)  I think we will harvest and stock pile what we can use or sell within 10 days.  (Send me a text if you are interested in freezing some–and send it tomorrow–as how much we save will depend on who we hear from…$16 for 24 ears.)

Same decision on the celery…our second planting is NOW coming into its own…smaller so it will fit into the Special Boxes!  The celeriac will be covered with straw to protect it through some of these frigid nights over the next couple of weeks until we can get it harvested and stored!

Some of the cabbage will be harvested and stored, and some covered and their use accelerated.  Root crops, including the potatoes,  will be dug, Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes) will be covered or harvested, before they freeze into the ground!   Onions pulled and moved to the greenhouse to dry.  Leeks and Green Onions pulled and bundled for storage in the cooler.

And all the winter squash brought in and sorted for storage in the pallet bins we move into the Shelter.  Pumpkins we stack and cover with straw to hold them until the second week in October when they go to market, not sure where that is this year with Reese’s and Ray’s IGA closing their doors.

We continue to harvest Kale and Broccolini Galion X until mid-October when it finally becomes too cold for them to produce or too cold for the Farmer’s Wife to harvest!  Row cover will give them a little cold stress protection–but it’s hard to harvest when your fingers are numb–and thick gloves just do not work!


We have four more weeks of Shares with the last of Groups A & E  ending October 15th, and the rest of the Groups ending October 24th.  As you can see even after the frost we will have food!  

On a different note–Group B and Group C:  How did you like that surprise ingredient this week!? For Group B, we were able to fit the Fennel with Fronds into your Special Box, but for Group C–we had to box them separately and let LeAnn with Fresh Foods pass them out with your Special Box!  Usually fennel bolts with summer heat, but this strange year they were thrown into Super Mode and just kept growing with the majority reaching more than 2# in weight!  Amazon’s in the Fennel World since an average fennel bulb weighs less than 1#– 

Fennel is a treat!  The fronds can be added to salads, or lightly sprinkled in cooked dishes during the last stage of cooking.  LeAnn is going to roast her fennel bulb.  There is a recipe I’ve used in the past that I’m going to hunt down and get posted to under the Recipe tab.  (I thought it was there but am sadly mistaken–)

Anyway…I’m exhausted from four days of 14 hour work-days, and realizing what needs to be done these next couple of days and into the extended weeks is making me extra tired! Sleep well my friends–The Farmer’s Wife

PS–thanks to those that responded to my request for feedback…it provided the magical fuel to keep us going!

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