This Week Shares–What to Expect–

The weeks are plugging along with more and more available from the garden, and hard decisions as to how to pack the boxes.  Had to make a tough one tonight, beans are out for this week!  Maybe once more for the season–weather and time permitting!  So, read on for ideas on what to expect in your Shares for this week–

New this week:  Honey Bear Acorn Squash or Spaghetti Squash!  Groups A, C, and E have the sweet, individually sized acorn, and Groups B and D have the large yellow  Spaghetti Squash.  Spaghetti is the mildest of all squash, and considered down-right boring by true squash-a-holic’s!  We stuck with the true Spaghetti squash as it has the fullest flavor of all.  Spaghetti squash cooks easy:  shave both ends off, and place in the oven at 375 degrees.  Cook about an hour or until a squeeze lets you know it’s done.  Cool on the counter for a moment, then cut in half length-wise, and scope out the seeds.  Cooked this way it keeps its moisture and fine flavor.  Fill the cavity with chopped tomatoes or any other creative idea…no creativity…then fill it with spaghetti sauce!

Peppers are the same rotation:  Orange Bells, Green/Red Bells, and Snack Peppers.  Both the bells have some light hail damage, which has not compromised the condition of the bells, but don’t let them be forgotten or that little tiny pock mark could develop into a spoil spot.  The Orange bells are stunning as they have fully turned now!  The Green/Red bells are in metamorphosis–

Red Cabbage is the star this week.  High in anthocyanin which is considered a supernutrient and good for you!  (Anthocyanin refers to that in fruits and veggies that gives them that red to purple coloring…)  The easiest use for red cabbage is grated into your tossed salad, or include it with your green cabbage for cabbage burgers or other cooked cabbage meals.  Super with red beets as a sauerkraut, and a little grated ginger!  Other Shares will have Deadon Cabbage which is a late fall Savoy, and super tasty steamed, roasted, baked, or boiled.  Group C will have Broccolini Galion X if I can get it harvested before I run out of time!  The broccolini this time of year is peaceful…just me and the honey bees!  Demand has dropped off, so I’ve let some of the heads go to flower and bloom–Very pretty and very peaceful today as it was trying to rain…the wind was rustling the corn leaves next to me, and the sky was cloudy but not ominous!  It was during this trip to the garden that I discovered some new heads on the old broccoli!  (So, Group E you have the pleasure of the 9 heads of Broccoli that I found!)

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes…Artisan Cherry Tomatoes mix for those groups we can serve (they take a lot of time to harvest), Roma’s or paste tomatoes for those we can’t, and German Johnson Heirlooms for the remainder.  I got to have my very favorite tomato last night for dinner:  Striped German Johnson, a nice yellow tomato with pink swirls throughout…HMMMM!

We added Celery to Group E…I think everyone has had celery now!  If not, drop me a line…text to 431-1219.  We still have lots, but I had to give them a haircut to get them in the boxes!  🙁   (I threw the leaves into a bag and threw them in the freezer for my fall bone broth in the instant pot…got to get some bones!)

Root crop time is now as we approach the fallish months:  Daikon Radishes (Bravo Purple and Alpine White) and Carrots.  We have had quite a challenge with the carrots…they are down-right ugly!  The Farmer thinks it is nematode damage…we didn’t know they were there until we dug the Mokum’s….and then the Sugarsnax…and then the Cosmic…but today he brought in some carrots from the second plantings that are big enough and I think they will work!  The gnarly ones are sold as juicers!!

Melons again this week:  mostly Piel de Sapo (skin of the toad in Spanish and once you see them you will agree).  Remember our melons are vine ripened and best if consumed within a couple of days of delivery.  They will keep in the fridge, but if you are one of those folks that LOVES melon flavor, you can leave them on your counter for a day to get the full effect!

Onions are also coming into their own!-Sierra Blanca is our White fresh, sweet onion; Redwing is the sweet red and in Group B and D; Green Onions (Scallions) are in Group C.  Next week it will probably be true Green Onions for all as we clear out the high tunnel!


Enjoy!  The Farmer’s Wife

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