Raspberries! Got your ATTENTION?


We have been working hard for you this week!  I ordered in Blueberries to sell through The Store today at CSA Pick Up, AND this morning I got a call from  SonHarvest’s in Riverton– Raspberries are on their way, also for TODAY!  Besides all the Lloyd Craft Farms offerings, we will have fruit, ginger root, turmeric, Greybull Valley Lettuce, Organic Girl Spinach, and a plethora of Utah fruit from Fowers Orchard:  Peaches, Bartlett Pears, and Apples.  (There are the last 3 heads of White Cauliflower, and maybe some purple Graffiti, from the garden, too, for sale in the glass cooler! Lots of 1# bags of Broccolini Galion X!)             


What a down-pour yesterday!  It was like Chinese water torture inside the metal building listening to the rain hitting the metal, sometimes so loud and deafening that we couldn’t think!  But the day went well and we got all the cabbage shredded for 115 people–that is 1-1/2# per person…over 170#!!

Why do we slice or shred your cabbage for you?  First, the fall heads of cabbage average 7#, and that’s a lot of cabbage and it won’t fit in the box, it takes up a lot of room in the fridge, and it can be a challenge to carve…picture that!  By shredding it you can store it in the fridge for several weeks, using it for coleslaw, cabbage burgers, cooked cabbage with sausage, and more.  The finer shred is perfect for slaw or even fermenting for kraut, and the courser shred is more suited to cabbage burgers and cooked cabbage or soups…in my opinion…    Enjoy! 

(We sell fall cabbage for sauerkraut or to make cabbage burgers ahead and freeze them…cost is $.70/# for 4-6 heads…less than $35.  Shoot me a text–  431-1219)


Right now The Farmer is out digging carrots for today’s SharesLorenzo and Mal will be bundling and cleaning up the Guardsman Green Onions (more scallion size)…and Liz and Jessica will be getting The Store ready for the 4:00 Pick UP!  We are still euphoric about last week’s dinner with Jans and Christa from Greybull’s NaM Sweet and Savory, and looking forward to an indoor dinner of fall soups and fresh baked breads on October 24th!  Set that time aside– 

Live, Love, and Learn–The Farmer’s Wife

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