The Shares this Week and What to Expect in Your Special Box–

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Yes, I am a little late, but that is what happens this time of year when the garden is popping and the weather, too.  Wind is howling, and the forecast is for rain in the wee hours of the morning into the morning…NOOOOOO!!!  Well, okay…It is, what it is…my desires to tell the earth what it should or should not do is a little short-sighted and selfish, but I would like to not be bringing the winter squash into the Shelter in a snow storm, or digging potatoes in the mud…done both of those things and it wasn’t fun.   BUT, any way…This week’s  Share is dynamic and fun!

The main feature is Kaitlin cabbage, but not a head (which weighs 6-8# and won’t fit in the shares or the Special Boxes)…this cabbage is shredded for you and in a zip-lock bag.  It can be used for anything cabbage:  coleslaw and cabbage burgers come to mind (recipes under the Recipe tab–).  It will keep in your fridge for several weeks as it is so fresh.  Try it fried, boiled, or broiled as well– Group A and E will have the Red Cabbage instead…a smaller head, so in one piece!

The new pepper this week is the beautiful Orange Bell Pepper (Group A, B, & E), the Snack Peppers (Group D) are into their second week and are packaged in what we call a ‘candy bag’, about 12 oz!  Group C will have the Shishito Peppers–sweet and paper thin, great roasted or broiled.

FYI, as the season changes from summer to fall, so do the peppers:  The Green Peppers are now more red than green with some a beautiful blend of both, The Islanders are a reddish-orange of that fall Island sunset (do they have fall in the Pacific??), and even the Shishito’s are moving into their red hues.  The Jalapeno’s, Poblano’s, Pueblo’s, Chili’s, Guajillo’s, Paprika’s, are all dawning their fall reds, each a different shade with varying degrees of brilliance! And of course the Habanero’s are now full fledged ORANGE!  (Lorenzo is my hot pepper sampler–He reported this week that he had a jalapeno that was hotter than the Habanero!  The Pueblo is not hot, according to his taste buds, but a nice spicy flavor.  I agree…great roasted and added to scrambled eggs with a dallop of sour cream–)

Also, another 6 ears of Sweet Corn (non-GMO)…why 6 ears of corn?  So you can feed a larger family, invite company over, or have it for several meals a day…You can also cook them all, eat 2, and cut the remainder off the cob and add fresh corn to other meals, or freeze it!  If you would like to order some to freeze, text me:  431-1219, cost is $8 for a dozen.  Two dozen can easily be shipped to the outer communities!

Tomatoes for ALL!  The Granadero Salad Roma’s were harvested this week, as well as the smaller offering of San Marzano paste tomatoes.  Group B will have the Granadero’s, and the rest either the Celebrity, Polbig, Damsel, or German Johnson Heirloom.  If you would like 20# of Roma’s or Canner’s send a text to 431-1219, cost is $25 for 20#.  I sort them by maturity from Red and Ready, to Green/Orange, Your Weekend Project.

Bush Beans again…hope you are taking advantage of them this time of year…they are at their peak of freshness!  This week is the Yellow Wax Beans, The Farmer picked 155# BY HIMSELF Saturday—what a feat, but he is Superman— I also am mixing the Yellow with a Purple and a Green Bean for a beautiful trio-mix!

Onion season is upon us!  Jumbo Sierra Blanca white (my favorite!) for Groups A, B, and E; Candy Sweet yellow, also Jumbo, for Group C; and Green Onions (scallion size) for Group D.

Melons for all!  Either the Piel de Sapo (Skin of the Toad–picture above, though each has it’s distinct pattern) with its light and sweet flesh and funky green skin, or Athena Cantaloupes!  We have extra’s for sale at The Store on Thursday’s.

Other odd items are Grape Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Nubia EggplantCosta Romanesco (Striped Zucchini), and Broccolini Galion X (not European Broccoli but a succulent blend of it and Asian Greens…thus the large, sweet leaves, that cook up to sweetness and char to a nice crunch.)

We are smack in the middle of the CSA Season…the last Shares and Special Boxes will go out October 24th.  That translates into 7 weeks more for the Weekly, and 3-4 for the Leap-Frogs.  Have a great evening, and don’t forget to store up nutritious food for the winter months…it’s probably easier than you know!  Thanks for supporting fresh and local!  Get to know your Farmer–  The Farmer’s Wife


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