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We hit the floor running!  Here’s some quick info:

Group B- Thermopolis, Riverton, and Lander:  Kaleb will leave here at 9:15 headed your way with Special Boxes!  (ETA before NOON) Regular drop points–Sheila’s and Amy’s.

Group D- Here today at 4:00, Store fully stocked!  Green Grapes, Oranges, Bananas, Apples are the fruit for sale, Greybull Valley Lettuce to supplement our wonderful veggies.

EVERYONE Far and Wide, In the CSA and Out:  Farm to Fork type dinner with Chef Jans from NaM Sweet and Savory and all of Lloyd Craft Farms veggies (and some locally sourced meat cooked with gifted hands)–$10 adults/$5 kids…all you can stuff in your face (Jans’ words, not mine)–Come and indulge in food done RIGHT!  5:00-7:00 at The Farm…