First Week in September–What Does the Garden Bear? AND September 5th DINNER!

The Garden bears MUCH! We are half-way through this season, and The Garden is giving so much!  I am always amazed at its abundance…we have not been in want!  And we have been able to share with others in our community who have less–What a BLESSING!

Busy, Busy week with the Shares and Special Boxes!  But we are thrilled to be hosting Chef Jans from Greybull:  NaM Sweet & Savory.  He will be here all day Thursday, September 5th, cooking locally sourced meat, and ALL our vegetables–Come and eat!  $10 Adults and $5 Kids, All YOu can stuff in your face…Jans’ words, not mine!  Food will be ready at 5:00 and we’ll serve until 7:00.  Liz will be providing some nice, comfortable background music starting at 6:00.


The Surprise Ingredient for last week was the Heirloom Lemon Cucumber!  More to come this week…as well as…

Corn on the Cob!  We have 2 plantings of 2 varieties that should keep us well stocked for 4-6 weeks– We raise non-GMO corn and organic principles so an earworm may get through.  Just cut the tip and boil the remainder and enjoy!  We use BT (a bacteria that affects the worm’s digestion) to provide some biological control.

Italian Flat Beans, another type of Butter Bean…Group A, Group C, and Group D.  Group E will get Dragon’s Tongue for the first time, and we are hoping to harvest enough Purple Beans (Amethyst) for the Tri-color Mix of Yellow Wax, Green Bean, and the beautiful Purples for Group B!

Onions are READY and the size we like–Jumbo!  Sierra Blanca white for Group C and Group D.  Green onions or Scallions–also Jumbo for green onions (LOL!)–Group A, Group B, and Group E.

Tomatoes for All…Either Artisan Cherry tomatoes, Red Zebra and Taxi saladette size, or large Heirloom’s, depending on yield and volume!

Peppers have been Islanders (nice purple to sunset red), Shishito (sweet, good roasted), Antohi Frying Peppers…this week we are hoping to add Snack Peppers (sweet, eat with your hand size) and maybe the Yellow or Orange Bells if ready!

Other odds and ends:  Red Beets (Group C and Group E), Kohlrabi (Group A and Group D), and Celery (Group B).

We will continue to add Cucumbers as available…but those poor plants took the brunt of the wind, rain, hail storm and are struggling to recover.

It is now time to let some of the summer squash go so that we can focus on harvesting beans and corn.  We will retain a short bed of Zucchini and a short bed of Costa Romanesco (striped zucchini), that will be added to Shares as needed.


Have a great week–The Farmer’s Wife



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  1. Posted by Franco on September 5, 2019 at 7:45 pm

    Wife and I will be there to eat if it’s not to late.

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  2. Posted by Deloris Mead on September 3, 2019 at 9:37 pm

    Wwho can come to that meal cooked by the chef?

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