Thursday PICK UP at THE FARM–D12 & D2

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We survived Monday–90% of the Harvesting is DONE!  Truck headed north with produce for Greybull, Cody, and Bozeman, MT.  Taking a breather before I head back out to the Shelter to get the Wednesday orders ready for Sheridan and Ten Sleep.  Tomorrow we get The Store stocked and the Shares ready for Thursday, all of them:  Group B, Group C, and Group D…so here’s a little news:

Need more attendance at Thursday’s for Pick Up…remember…it is a time to stock your larder with good, wholesome food…fresh from the garden or fruit from the organic section of Spokane Produce.  Now that regional fruit is coming into season we are lucky to have it.  Last week was the last week of Flathead Cherries from Montana.  This week we are going with Washington Nectarines, the following week it will be the great peaches and apples from Utah!  Greybull Valley Lettuce every week. Come and take advantage of fresh and locally grown!

Group D will have corn this week!  It will be the first picking and so a little slim, but guaranteed to please, and to increase for all the Groups! Also, TOMATOES are bearing heavier and will be in the SHARES.  Also will have some for sale for canning!  TEXT 431-1219…

Set aside SEPTEMBER 5th for Dinner at The Farm!  We will start the CSA Pick Up at 4:00 as usual…Groups D12, D1, DM1…BUT we have a special guest that we want you all to come and meet, and eat dinner here!  Jans with NaM Sweet & Savory out of Greybull will be cooking in the fire pit and on the two grilles–$10 for adults, and $5 for children.  Pasture fed beef and Lloyd Craft Farms veggies, all locally sourced and locally served…all you can eat!  We’ll begin serving food at 5:00 and continue until 7:00 p.m. Need a head-count so we know how many folks to cook for!  Liz will also provide a little background music–So come and join us for a good wholesome meal, some soft tunes, and the BEST neighbors and friends!  OPEN to the PUBLIC as a community introduction to Jans and Christa and NaM Sweet & Savory–


The Farmer’s Wife!

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