This Week’s Veggies–

Savoy cabbage

We have a lot of variety now as the garden continues to give us new surprises…so, a lot of the old and a little of the new!  Again, we rotate varieties around to give everyone a taste and not over-harvest in any one area–

Green Beans for most this week:  We harvested 140# the second picking!  We’ll have enough beans for Group A and Group D and Group E, and possibly Group B…  Dragon’s Tongue Butter Bean will be the bean in Group C.  MORE to come!

Peppers this week:  Shishito’s (those nice, not-hot, wrinkled peppers to marinade and grille or bake in the oven), Antohi Romanian European Frying Peppers (sweet with a firm texture that does not break down when fried), Islander Bell’s (purple right now, but will mature to orange to red like a tropical island sunset), and Green Bell Peppers (if they are firm and meaty enough).

Brassica’s this week:  Broccolini Galion X (European Broccoli and Asian Greens mix–small head, big leaves, lot of sweet–cook it all!), Tendersweet Cabbage (largish, flat head of sweet green), Savoy Cabbage (wrinkled and firm leaves, best steamed or lightly cooked with a little cream), Small Kaitlin Cabbage (perfect for sauerkraut with its nice white heart), Vitaverde Cauliflower (GREEN in color), and Green Kohlrabi (‘German Turnip’–though not a turnip at all!)  Lacinato Kale is also a Brassica and will be included in Group C.  We are looking at adding 12 oz Cauliflower Mix to some of the BOXES–

Summer Squash this week:  Different combinations and sizes of Zucchini and Striped Zucchini (Costa Romanesco), Yellow and Yellow with a green tip (Zephyr)… small are great raw, sliced for a salad.  Medium to large can be chopped up and fried with butter and onion, or olive oil and eggplant with some garlic scapes and fresh tomato chopped and added at the last.  Large squash can be grated for Zucchini bread, cake, or into your pancakes to add a little more nutritional value.

Cucumbers this week:  Suyo (prickly and sweet, suitable for bread and butter pickles), Tasty Jade (our English-like type), Olympian (our slicers…usually not with a bitter skin), and Harmonie’s (the European Picklers and Snack cukes).

Tomatoes this week:  A few, not sure how many or which varieties as they are just starting to yield…

Celery this week: Group A and Group E…Group C and D had Celery last week…Group B next week!  It’s been so good!

Red Beets with tops this week:  Group A and Group B this week, Group D last week.  Nutritional POWERHOUSE!  Bake in oven wrapped in foil, boil and peel…then use them pickled, Harvard style, or as a side sliced onto the plate.  You can add grated raw red beet to any tossed salad.

Nadia Eggplant this week:  Group B and Group E will have the Nadia to add to their summer squash for Ratatouille!  Use your garlic scapes from a few weeks past– Finish it off with your fresh tomato, sliced, and lightly cooked…

Maybe…just maybe…Red Potatoes (new, skin not set) and Candy Onion (only if enough of the large size)

So, here’s some ideas of what to expect!

Be safe, eat well, and be HEALTHY!  The Farmer’s Wife



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