CSA and Garden Information– to ALL Members…6th Week of Garden goodies!


This is a little update to all the CSA Members, no matter where you are…Worland and the Big Horn Basin including Ten Sleep, Sheridan and Buffalo and over the mountain, Thermopolis and the Wind River communities to the South of us:  Isn’t the summer AMAZING!  We now have 158 members and are sending out 108-124 Special Boxes and Shares a week–This is AMAZING as well!  When Lloyd and I were dating 4 decades ago, we talked about having our own farm and a milk cow and bee hive.  We did the 1000 acre farm for 13 years, raised five kids, and have now entered into our ‘retirement phase’ with a 5 acre garden…Kris has the milk cow (Diamond S Delights) and Bryant’s raise the bees and have some phenomenal honey!  So, all is well…our plan of healthy food for our local communities is becoming a reality, and we couldn’t be happier!  THANKS for being a part of our AMAZING DREAM!

On the daily level, we had rain last night which was a bummer for harvest but a reprieve for us…we slept in and got some of that much needed sleep!  (I slept more than The Farmer…)  But, we’re back at it again tonight–harvesting Dragon’s Tongue Butter beans, Striped Armenian cucumbers, and Broccolini Galion X.  I’ll do my drive through the garden and talk with The Farmer about what is new for this upcoming week….last week it was beautiful Red Beets, Purple and Green kohlrabi, and lots of Bishop (white) cauliflower.  He brought in some beautiful Graffiti (purple) cauliflower Tuesday that we’ll add to the Flame Star (yellow) and Vitaverde (green) for our Cauliflower Mixes that go to the commercial customers.  We’ll have some Graffiti in The Store this Thursday, and might be able to add it in the boxes for the smaller groups (A and E).  I’ll post information tomorrow on the anticipated contents for the Shares and Special Boxes for Week 6 of the Garden’s BOUNTY!

Before I sign off, I want to do a Special Shout Out to the awesome folks in Lander–Thanks for a smooth Pick Up Thursday in front of the Lander Bake Shop!  You got to meet Kaleb, and thanks for the return of the boxes…we appreciate that!  Send me a text and let me know if this will work for you in the future, maybe at a different location off the busy Main Street, but a one hour exchange just the same.  It is less stressful on the local business owners and easier for us to assure that the boxes are in the hands of their rightful owners.  (If it is difficult for you, give me some suggestions to consider.)

And not to forget Sheila at Graham’s Gluten Free...When you stop in to pick up your Riverton Boxes, give her a hug and don’t be timid about purchasing some of her healthful goodies…we’re going to pick up the Bob’s Red Mill rolled oats this next week.  Very fresh and full of flavor…a little fresher than most.

Heading out to share time with The Farmer and the aggressive mosquitoes who didn’t get the memo they don’t like the heat!  They must be hungry–  The Farmer’s Wife


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