Riverton & Lander–Today’s Drop


Good Morning EVERYONE!  Boxes this week are filled and ready to go…almost…We have a little red surprise that does not like to be refrigerated that we will add this morning.  We were also able to include some Green Beans!  All other items anticipated have been included–

Our delivery vehicle will be leaving Worland around 10:15 and headed to Riverton  to Drop at Graham’s Gluten Free on Main Street.  The hope is to be there before noon, barring any long delays for road construction.

Kaleb hopes to be to Lander before 1:00.  He will meet you all in front of Lander Bake Shop, curbside.  (Lord willing there is a spot right there…if not look around the corner…)  We have a white Subaru Outback, and the back will be open and waiting.  🙂  Be sure and sign the Roster that you have your Special Box.  If you are delayed or have any problems text  me at 307-431-1219.  He heads home at 2:00.

Garden is doing well and we can fit a few more folks in…if you have a neighbor, friend, co-worker, or relative interested they can give me a call for a pro-rated cost and sign up on-line under the Special Box Program.   www.lloydcraftfarms.com  Don’t let them delay…the time will pass much too quickly!

The Farmer tells me that corn will be ready in a week to 10 days…melons are coming along…and we dug some new potatoes yesterday and pulled some of our jumbo Candy onions…All good!    Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife

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