Week TWO with the GARDEN…Welcome Riverton/Lander…Thermopolis…Casper…and Sheridan/Buffalo!


Big Horn Basin is the Breadbasket of Wyoming!  We are so glad to SHARE—  This week was Week 2 for the garden Share harvests.  Last week we started off with 45 Shares on Thursday at the CSA Pick Up.  This week we folded in half of Riverton/Lander, ALL of Casper, and ALL the Sheridan/Buffalo Shares.  Yesterday was the second CSA Pick Up…The Store was well stocked and Diamond S Delights brought a good mix of Cheese Curds, Feta Marinade, Strawberry Yogurt, and several cheeses, including Kris’ great Mozzarella.  Next week we add the rest of Riverton/Lander and Fort Washakie!

AT THE PRESENT—-We are preparing for next week’s Shares!  Last week’s Shares were all very similar, although by Group D we were out of Lacinato Kale and the Broccolini Galion X was running in short supply.  Group E had Tendersweet Cabbage along with their Lettuce, etc…And several of the Groups had Snap Peas as their groups are small.   (Peas are winding down and ending their season!)  Next week’s Group Shares will be different as small amounts of cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, and broccoli become ready.  Be patient and enjoy the BOUNTY–everyone will get a fair share and a good sampling of the GARDEN!

The question for today:  What can we do to help you get here on Thursday’s for your Shares?  At the present I post ahead to remind you, and then around 5:30 we send out text messages.  Once the schedules are set you will be able to check on-line under the CSA tab, Delivery and Pick Up page, using your Group Number.  We’ve been very accommodating by setting up Special Boxes and putting them in the cooler until Friday (or Saturday or Sunday) when you can pick them up.  We’d like to eliminate setting up the Special Boxes–We’d love you all to make it to the CSA on Thursday!  

My thought: set your alarm EVERY Thursday at 3:30 p.m.  If it is not your Share week, then come out and shop…we are raising Strawberries and have lots of wonderful Fruit and Herbs in The Store.  Take a break, and come share 30 minutes with us.  We all eat–why not eat THE BEST!  Enjoy the summer and things folks have worked in preparing for you–  The Farmer’s Wife





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