RIVERTON/LANDER CSA–Special Box Program Members–


Well, I think the drop went fairly well for the first run.  We were 30 minutes late due to road construction, and my son had to drive at the last moment so his sister could stay home throwing up.  Lisa F. did not get her box; either a miss-count on our end or an unnamed person took a box home.  We’ll switch Lisa to Group B1, and get her one next week!  Thanks to those that signed off when they picked up, and thanks to Sheila and Angie for sending me a text pic so I’d know who hadn’t picked up.  As stated earlier, a missed box is… missed…Merchant’s are not responsible for sending you reminders.  (If you are going to miss, let me know at least the Saturday before…text to 307-431-1219…and we can pursue alternatives.)

Here are some announcements, suggestions, or thoughts–Drop Day CHANGE, those working until 5:00 p.m., and Recyling the Special Boxes:

  • We’d like to switch the drop day from Wednesday to Thursday for logistical reasons effective with the delivery of July 31st.   Same Drop Points (Graham’s Gluten Free and Lander Bake Shop), but slightly later time to avoid noon lunches at the two businesses. (About 1:15 Riverton, and 2:15 Landerwhy not eat lunch there each box drop day, and then pick up your fresh veggies for the trip home?)
  • If you work until 5:00 or later and it is difficult to get to the drop point before Graham’s or Lander Bake shop close, let me know.  If dropping at your work would help and it’s not out of our way, we want to help…but remember we run a route and have to keep it.  It’s a ‘help’ if you have no other options!
  • Recycle boxes--We love our white boxes with the handles and we do use them over and over here in Worland.  In fact, the Special Box label used to thank folks for returning them, but when we were getting ready to send the boxes to Riverton/Lander I changed the label because I didn’t want to be a burden on the merchant’s at the Drop Points.  (They would have to have a place to store the boxes until we could pick them up the next week…)  However, in rapid fire response Thursday morning, I had two Lander CSA/Special Box members ask about returning the boxes.  So, here’s 3 ideas:  someone could volunteer a centrally located place to collect the boxes during the week, we could stop and pick them up after we drop.  OR the boxes could be dropped in the morning at the Drop Points…a short hold in the same spot we will be dropping should not put stress on the business.  OR you could meet us when we drop the new Special Boxes and we can load the empties into our vehicle for the trip home.  That’s the only ideas I have…let me know if you have another idea that would work better!


That’s all for now–and thanks!  I enjoyed meeting those that were there when we dropped–this is our passion!  Hope you savored the box contents…they are light with the first harvest, but should get fuller as the season progresses–Shop FRESH and LOCAL–  The Farmer’s Wife  



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