No CSA or Special Boxes This WEEK–July 11th


If you are getting this post, Hallelujah…it means you signed up ‘to follow’ when instructed–YAY!  If you are not getting this post…well, you won’t know you haven’t received it and that creates another problem…   I apologize for being mum, but it is hard to give a definitive answer when you are waiting on Mother Nature.  I like to think we are anticipating the start and not fraught with anxiety…I’ve experienced both the last couple of weeks!  

The message is NO CSA or SPECIAL BOXES this week!  Hopefully CSA in Worland will start July 18th, and Special Box deliveries the following week:  Tuesday the 23rd to Lovell, Wednesday the 24th to Riverton/Lander, and Friday the 26th to Buffalo/Sheridan.  Special Box deliveries run for 13 weeks from the date of the first delivery, 13 boxes for the Weekly and 7 boxes for the Leap-Frog’s.  

Worland folks–Leap-Frog’s are split into two groups.  You will receive a text message with your group number that will let you know whether you start the 18th or the 25th.  If you have a preference, text me…431-1219.  Schedules will be set Saturday.

At this point we are hoping to have Hakurei Turnips, Red Radishes, Broccolini, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Barese Swiss Chard, and Kale…maybe a little swag of Basil!  As mentioned in earlier posts we have struggled with aphids and weather, but a lot has been planted and is growing beautifully!  A few warm days will work its magic–

Thanks for the good vibes and patience!  The Farmer’s Wife


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