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Have you been Searching for US?

Search no more!  We are here and the garden is coming along beautifully– As the growing season is going to be shorter this year we have planted more root crops and beans.  So….here is a summary of what is in the garden and growing by leaps and bounds:

First ready will be Cucumbers and Summer SquashStriped Armenian and Suyo for long and curly packed with unique flavor, European Picklers AKA Snack Pickles, Heirloom Lemon cucumbers, Asian version of the English Cuke known as Tasty Jade, and several varieties of American PicklersSummer Squash is Zucchini, Yellow Squash, and a bi-color ZephyrPantheon for their Squash Blossoms and a sweet Parisian Patty Pan.

Beans–Green Beans, Dragon’s Tongue (type of butter bean, flat and wide…great raw in a vinegarette salad), Tri-Color Bean Mix (purple Amethyst, yellow Goldilocks, green Jade).

Corn–twice during the season! Early Potatoes and Fingerlings, Fresh and Green Onions,

Nightshades–3 kinds of Eggplants, lots of Tomatoes, oodles of Peppers both hot and NOT!

We should see some Tomatoes in July (Grape, Yellow Cherry, and Early slicers), by mid-August to September:  4 Heirloom varieties (Yellow Striped German Johnson, Pink German Johnson, Black Carbon, and Green Cherokee); as well as 3 saladette sized Yellow Taxi, Striped Zebra, and Early Girl.  And of course, Celebrity and Valley Girl and a new one developed for this region called Damsel.

Peppers?  YES!  The NOT HOTS are Green Bell Peppers that turn to a beautiful Red, Islanders in purples to oranges, and Yellow Bells and Orange BellsShishito peppers that are great grilled and eaten as an appetizer.  Multi colored, petite sized Snack Peppers.  The HOT’s…too many to list but varieties of Chili, Guajillo, Poblano’s, Paprika, Jalapeno, Pueblo Roasting Peppers, and Habanero…little purple Aurora’s!

Early Potatoes and Fingerlings, Watermelons and Melons

Brassica’sLacinato Kale, Broccolini Galion X, Kohlrabi (Purple and White), Broccoli for all the times in the season, Cauliflower (none for Spring, but lots for Fall), Romanesco (if they make…particular and unpredictable…we have not had them for the past two years), and lots of Cabbages!

For all season:  Root Crops–Carrots (Early Mokum Nantes, longer day true Rainbow’s, Cosmic purple…our favorite!…For the Fall a Mix of Deep Purple and Purple Haze, Yellowstone, and Sugarsnax.)   Beets, Alpine and Bravo Daikon’s (White and Purple),  Watermelon Radishes, and Red Radishes and Hakurei Salad Turnips.  For the Fall, Purple Topped turnips, White Lady and Scarlet Queen turnips, and Tennouji turnips.

After the first frost until the end of the 13 week CSA period: Celery and Celeriac, fall Potatoes, dried Onions, plethora of Winter Squashes, 110 day January King type savoyed Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, and Sunchokes.  This is where the Cauliflower and Tri-color Mix of Cauliflowers (Graffiti purple, Cheddar, Vitaverde green) and Romanesco comes in!  Broccoli and Broccolini don’t mind the cold and will keep producing into October, if we don’t have a fast and early onset of Winter!

Want in on this?  There are 7-10 Shares left…$100 to $350 for Worland and Pick Up here on the Farm on Thursday’s…$235 to $415 for the Special Box Program in Sheridan/Buffalo and Riverton/Lander and delivered on Friday’s and Wednesday’s. Don’t wait too long! Garden space is disappearing–  the Farmer’s Wife


Update on The Farm about The Garden-


Today is Friday, June 7th…The rainy weather has set things back a bit, but we tarry on!  The early cabbage, broccoli, and yellow cauliflower was the first crop to be set out on May 23rd.  For perspective that is two weeks later than last year.  The white cauliflower, all 240 plants, had to be tossed…they were held too long in the greenhouse and had started to form their little white head, the size of a popcorn kernel. The head adjusts to the size of the plant, so that was going no where…

Each plant has a built in clock with sensors and detectors.  For the cauliflower, its clock said it was time to form a head.  For the Watermelon Radishes in the high tunnel its sensors felt the warmth, then the cold weather, then the hot weather, and its clock said it was time to go to seed…so it sent out a seed stock with a beautiful bloom on the top, and a tough, hard-to-eat root on the bottom.  Daikon radishes are a biennial, and form their seed stock the second year.

The good news is all the tomatoes, peppers, basil, celery and celeriac have found a home in the garden and are doing well, as have the onions and potatoes. Still to set out are the Lancelot Leeks which were delivered looking like fat horse hairs instead of nicely sized onion plants.  We are going to try a different technique with these to see if they will ‘make it’.

The snap peas in the high tunnel are blooming and rapidly approaching their 7 foot height. The bad news is the aphids have found the spinach and bok choi in the Gothic high tunnel, and are giving us fits.  Broccolini and Swiss chard are safe, so far…as well as the Herbs:  Oregano, Dill, Parsley, Lavendar, Thyme, Sage, and Rosemary.

In the past three days the cucumbers, summer squash, cantaloupe and other melons have been jab planted from seed.  We will finish up the winter squash tomorrow, and on Monday set out the second round of broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbages for fall harvest.  We plan to transplant the 1200 plants of Brussels sprouts on Sunday;  They are a 110 day variety that do best with an October harvest.

The Pumpkin and Sunchoke portion of the garden has not been worked yet, but once done we will get those beds laid and those two crops out.  The Farmer says the black plastic mulch speeds their maturity by a week or two.  Hopefully, enough to make up for the spring delay–most of the pumpkins are 90-110 days to maturity!

Remaining after all the jab planting and transplanting is completed are the corn, beans, carrots, beets, Daikon’s, and kohlrabi…to be planted in the front garden.  I think I have found some space to start the fennel…Lacinato kale is plugging along and the seed has been ordered for some Curly Green kale.

We have replanted Red Radishes and Hakurei turnips to include in the first Shares, as well as a new planting of Spinach, away from the aphidized spinach in the other high tunnel. Broccolini should be ready, as well as Harmonie cucumbers…maybe some zucchini–We are hopeful!  If not ready by July 11th, for sure July 18th.  A week delay will be offset with an extra week tacked on at the end!  Stay connected so you will know the exact start date!

Well, enough for now!  Back to the garden plan, and then some time this afternoon to check on the CSA Memberships and see how close we are to full!  Stay tuned–The Farmer’s Wife, bringing you an update on YOUR local farmer and produce–