LAST BUYER’S GROUP- GROUP B –MAY 28th at Bee Healthy–10:00 a.m.


Tuesday, tomorrow, is the last Buyer’s Group for the Season!  Bee Healthy, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Limited goodies for sale:  Fruit, Butternut and Spaghetti Squash, Garlic, Basil from Greybull Valley Produce, Cilantro, Ginger and Turmeric roots.   

Unforeseen change in the Special Boxes for tomorrow, Group B, May 28th…We sent the asparagus back as it was gross and smelled like fisherman’s wharf…no offense to those that like the smell of Fisherman’s Wharf!  In the place of the asparagus are three mystery items…mystery because the boxes are mixed up and the choice is random.  We all love a mystery?–RIGHT?

An info sheet is included with each box, but it like the weather is a little off:  Wrong date and wrong group indicated…no asparagus but your mystery item instead…SAVE your recipe for Asparagus Leek Soup for that weekend trip along the ditches or canal banks hunting for your OWN wild-harvested Wyoming asparagus, or you can substitute potatoes in the place of the asparagus!

UPDATE ON THE FARM:  Plenty of openings in the CSA…we are harvesting the high tunnels and replanting Hakurei turnips and Red Radishes.  We just started harvesting Broccolini (Galion X) this week and had our first sampling tonight for dinner!  YUM!!  Before this latest bout with what acts like Pacific Northwest winter weather, we were able to get three beds of early cabbage transplanted into the garden and covered to protect it from this weird weather!  Hopefully later this week things will be dried enough that we can relocate the rest of the greenhouse occupants!  It has been a weird spring…but seldom do we have a normal one!  LOL


Stop in and visit tomorrow at Bee Healthy!  We are retreating to the farm for the next 6 weeks and will emerge again in JULY, ready to serve garden goodies and great Market Day’s every Thursday at The Farm!   The Farmer’s Wife

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