May 13th- Group B Special Boxes AND a Soapbox Speech on Nutrition…

red radishes

The goodies for the Monday  Special Boxes have been ordered…I’ll update on Saturday with a confirmation of what is received! In addition to the ORDERED goods, we will have our fresh harvested SPINACH and Red Rover RADISHES!  

So here’s the situation this time of year: quality on produce is sketchy–avocados, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries were all poor last week.  The variety of items I can order confidently is shrinking!  We are between ‘seasons’–The winter goods out of Mexico have peaked.  The good stuff now is domestic, and just coming into it’s own…like Washington Asparagus! And like Worland  Spinach and Red Radishes, from Lloyd Craft Farms!  The Special Box focus is always on freshness, variety, and nutrition, so we are looking closer to home and excited our high tunnels are now producing!

Box CONTENTS:   Fruit-heavy with ORG Washington Fuji Apples, California Heirloom Oranges, Texas Grapefruit, ORG Blueberries (domestic)…ORG Mixed Fingerlings (Canada), ORG Jumbo Yellow Onion…our own ziplock bag of Spinach (about 4 oz) and a bundle of Red Radishes, and Greybull Valley Produce Butter Head Lettuce$30     (INFO Sheet with Recipes and Nutritional Information)


Why do we lean organic?  (Soapbox Speech…)

  1. Lower levels of pesticide/herbicide chemicals (hormone disrupters and toxic),
  2. Higher levels of vitamins and minerals,
  3. BUT needs to be fresh and vital for the best nutrient content and HEALTH.  (Conventional fresh may be better than organic degraded…which is the most alive!)


The biggest problem with conventional, in my opinion, is we have not fed the soil and its microbes;  Simply put, the bugs are not there to break the soil down so the living plants can take it up.  With lower levels of vitamins and minerals in the plant tissue, plants become deficient and more susceptible to disease and pest attacks. The conventional solution has been more chemicals to counter those problems, and we are in a vicious cycle with an explosion of autoimmune illnesses which some doctors feel are related to lack of minerals at the very root.  Our journey with the garden has been to learn how to feed our soil, and raise healthy plants that can ward off their own problems.  We try to feed the soil, that feeds the plant, that feeds us!  The Adventure goes on !

BTW–the same principle applies to our gut biome…healthy microbes to build the immune system and improve the functioning of the digestive tract.  Healthy GI, better absorption, less deficiencies and illnesses.  Another reason to incorporate fresh, nutrient packed fruits and vegetables into your American diet.  AND grass feed beef and free range chickens!  Let’s CHANGE the American diet from FAST to FRESH–

To our GOOD HEALTH–The Farmer’s Wife

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  1. Posted by Bonnie Hefenieder on May 9, 2019 at 3:16 pm

    The radishes are sure pretty. Do you plant the tunnels in regular garden dirt? If I ever get well enough, I’m coming to look at them!

  2. Posted by Jennifer Amend on May 8, 2019 at 5:22 pm

    Hi there. When do you plan to start up your CSA delivery to Riverton?

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