MONDAY, May 6th–Bee Healthy–Group A– 7 SPECIAL BOXES for SALE

asparagus 2

Good news and Bad news:  Bad NEWS—->  NO Strawberries….yucky and moldy….GOOD news—> We are planting 432 plants in the GARDEN this spring.  Laramie Everbearers….I am so excited!  Last time we planted STRAWBERRIES in the garden we didn’t have them fenced and the deer ate them!  Join the CSA!!

GROUP A- SPECIAL BOXES:  2-1/2# ORG Washington Fuji Apples, ORG Blueberries, ORG Celery and a recipe for Waldorf Salad, ORG Rainbow Mini-carrots, ORG Jumbo Yellow Onions, ORG Mixed Fingerling Potatoes (or 8 boxes of 2# Red Potatoes), our own Lloyd Craft Farms Red Radishes, and Greybull Valley Produce Butter Head Living Lettuce—-$30.

Good News and Bad news:  Good News—>The Boxes look great and are a good value…BAD news—>I’m out of apples, blueberries, rainbow mini-carrots, fingerlings, and Butterhead Lettuce except for the EXTRA Boxes… 🙁

NEW ITEMS for sale….Good News and Bad news….GOOD news—>WASHINGTON ASPARAGUS is in!  Longer stalks and fresher taste ($3.75 each bundle-1#)  BAD News—>ORG Avocados might be sketchy…$2.25 to try them out…Remember our return policy:  If bad, take photo and send to me before Wednesday, and we’ll replace them the following week.

Other items worth noting:

Pineapples for $4.75,

Champagne Mangos from Costco for $1.75,

ORG Kent Mangoes for $3.75,

ORG Mycopia Chef’s Sampler (Gourmet Mushrooms) for $8.00,

ORG Snap Peas for $4.75,

ORG Shishito Peppers for $4.50,

ORG Classic Caesar Salad Kit for $4.50,

ORG Taylor Farms Green Beans–ready to go–$5.50,

and lots of fresh herbs from Lloyd Craft Farms Herb bed:  Parsley, Oregano, Thyme, and Sage!


Come and Join us!  The Farmer’s Wife….And don’t forget about the CSA!

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