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CSA Members or Wanna-be’s–

lloyd and high tunnel

Picture of The Farmer and the Gothic High Tunnel that was completed in 2017.


We currently have 41 Worland folks signed up for the CSA.  There is room for more–but do not tarry!  We are getting a lot of interest from other Wyomingites who don’t live in the Big Horn Basin, the Breadbasket of Wyoming.  Here we have the perfect biome for growing stuff–not too much rain, not too much wind, just the right amount of sun!  The Garden is limited to 125 Share units and we are nearing 100!

Here’s the deal:  Sign up by tomorrow midnight (Sunday, May 5th) and take advantage of the Early Bird Voucher when paid in full by May 10th.  (That is an extension of 5 days to pay in full!)  If you aren’t sure whether a Weekly or Leap-Frog would work best for your needs, then sign up for the Leap-Frog ($200);  You can upgrade to the Weekly before August 15th.  At least you would get the $10 Voucher to use in The Store on Thursday’s at CSA Pick UP in July!

The high tunnels are fully planted and harvest is beginning:  Red Radishes yesterday, and Spinach next week.  (Both will be in the Buyer’s Group Special Boxes…Red Radishes for Group A this week, and both for Group B next week.) 

Hoping to do a Spring video later this week so you can see what it all looks like:  The greenhouse loaded with plants to set out, the high tunnels loaded with plant growing for harvest through June, and the progress on the garden.  You’ll see we have a huge fence project to accomplish before the garden is totally in, and you’ll see the work done so far on the new Green House!  All in the interest, no more like passion, of bringing you good healthy food!  Healthy foods for Healthy bodies for Healthy communities!  (I think Rodale said that first, but I’ve said it second–)

The Farmer’s Wife!