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CSA Sign UPS! Early Bird Voucher Deadline: May 5th, Sunday.


Ladies and Gentlemen!  The CSA Membership has been open since March.  This Sunday, May 5th, is the deadline for the Early Bird Voucher.  Check out the information at , CSA tab.  Prices are listed, Voucher amounts, as well as the Sign Up form for the CSA…you can do all that  on-line in 2 minutes!  You can also use your credit or debit card and pay using our PayPal link (don’t forget the fee…unless you have a PayPal account and then I think they waive the fee) or bring us a check Monday.  We will honor the offer for the VOUCHER if you sign up by Sunday and, heck, pay NEXT WEEK–  The Farmer’s Wife

BTW–video of the greenhouse and high tunnels next week once it warms up!  


Group A– Special Boxes at Bee Healthy, and Vegetables for Walk-in’s, too


Wow!  Snow was stuck to the side of the house this morning, the wind HOWLED all night, and rattled the high tunnels and beat against the Shelter.  Night time temperatures dropped below freezing–there is a good reason we don’t plant the garden before the second week in May…or third!  Happy to report, despite the cold, we will have fresh Red Radishes pulled from the high tunnel, and lots of fresh herbs:  Oregano, Parsley, and a nice mix for $1.50 (Sage, Thyme, & Oregano), for sale Monday at Bee Healthy!

Anticipate the following in the Boxes for Group Aand Judge Harrington:    Fruit this week, a pint of ORG Blueberries and 2# of ORG Washington Fuji Apples; ORG Celery, ORG Rainbow Mini-carrots, ORG Yellow Onion and ORG Mix of Fingerling potatoes, our own Lloyd Craft Farms Red Radishes, and Greybull Valley Lettuce–$30

**NEW ITEMS in the Store:  ORG STRAWBERRIES- 1# Clamshell….$4.00**

Spokane Sales Rep:  I have ORG strawberries this week.  ME:  Are they any good?  The last one’s weren’t…. Spokane Sales Rep:  They looked good this morning when they came in on the truck.  ME:  Okay!  I’ll take 2 cases.

**Cauliflowerconventional not ORG…quality has been better and price not so ridiculous.…$5.50 for a large head ($8.50 for ORG–)  **Asian Cut Broccoli Crowns again–1#……….$2.75 each

Cauliflower and Broccoli are on the Clean 15 this year, so I am considering them if the price spread between CONV and ORG is silly great.  It does not guarantee that they will have the same minerals and nutrients as their ORG counterparts, but of what value is wilted and old ORG anyway?!

**WASHINGTON grown Asparagus………………………………$4.00/#**

This is a signal that the Big Horn Basin Asparagus will be coming along, too.  Maybe 10 days once the weather is warmer during the day and above freezing at night!

**ORG Snap Peas- 8 oz bags….$4.50 each**

I couldn’t help myself…Hopefully these will be mature and not picked too early where they have no flavor and wilt to nothing on the trip from Mexico.  The Snap Peas in our high tunnel are about 8-10 inches tall.  Our vines grow to 7 feet tall and the pods are plump and sweet!  If they are not ready before the end of the Buyer’s Group, they will be for sale at Bee Healthy in June, and hopefully in the first Shares for the CSA in July!

**ORG Shishito Peppers……$4.50**

We grow these, too…and sell them at the Thursday CSA for those that love roasted NOT-HOT peppers.  A little olive oil and seasonings, spread them on the cookie sheet and roast them in the oven.  The stems are handy handles, kids get a kick out of eating them– 


Don’t forget to come and visit us for your fresh produce and fruit–Heirloom Oranges and all kinds of good citrus (VIT C), Tropicals such as Mangoes and Champagne Mangos, Pineapples, Kiwi, and Avocados…We all eat!  Don’t cut corners:  Eat the best for the best health!  The Farmer’s Wife