Monday, Monday…Bee Healthy! Group B


Monday, Monday…hope all the Easter family gathers were SPECTACULAR!  Time to stock up after the holidays–Fresh Produce and your Special Boxes! ONE EXTRA BOX FOR SALE–$30

This week’s BOXFruit Basket with Heirloom Oranges, ORG Bartlett Pears, ORG Opal Apples, and a Champagne Mango….Asian Broccoli Crowns-1#, ORG Taylor Farms Green Beans, ORG Red Bell Pepper, Asparagus, ORG Jumbo Red Onion, and Greybull Valley Butter Head Lettuce$30

EXTRA’s for sale, too!  Fingerling Potatoes, Red Onions–Both Organic…LOTS of BEAUTIFUL Asparagus-1# Bundles for $2.25!!! (Unheard-of–) Brussels Sprouts for the last time this season…Lots of great Fruit, including Champagne Mangoes, Tango Tangerines, and Envy Apples…Fresh batch of ORG AvocadosGreens, Herbs, and lots of Carrots and Onions.

Come and check it OUT!  Get information and sign up for the CSA– Early Bird Voucher offer stands until May 5th…  The Farmer’s Wife



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