Bee Healthy–Monday, April 1st – All DAY Walk-in’s Welcome/ Group A Buyer’s Group

sliced avocado fruits on round white ceramic plate

We are at Bee Healthy ALL DaY today…no fooling!

Group A- Special Boxes:  2# Envy Apples,                                                               CONV Asparagus (BEAUTIFUL!), ORG Carrots– 1# bag,                                   ORG Cherry Tomato on the Vine- 12 oz, ORG Cucumber &                             ORG Red Bell Pepper, ORG Green Onions, ORG Zucchini– 1#,                      Greybull Valley Butter Leaf Lettuce– $30

New prices are posted and lots of EXTRA’s for saleNotable ORG Strawberries (1# clamshell), ORG Envy Apples, Heirloom Oranges, and some out of this world Rio Star Grapefruit–lots of citrus and our large avocados….Champagne Mangoes!

Lots of Veggies, too…Brussels Sprouts, Baby Bok Choi, Broccoli, Cauliflowers, Cabbage, and Romanesco…Peppers and Tomatoes…Green Beans and Asparagus…and more!

Root crops and Gourmet Mushrooms!  Onions of all colors, and some new Jumbo Yellow Sweets!

Herbs and Greens with some new ORG Turmeric from Fuji Island!

Come and Check it OUT!  Don’t forget to sign up for the Summer CSA and Pay before May 5th for an Early Bird Voucher!  The Farmer’s Wife

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