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What’s on “The Plate” for March 14th?


Group B Special Boxes!  Artichokes as a new sale item (I’ve been told they are good!), more Asparagus (pencil sized from Mexico), Red Bell Peppers (instead of Orange or Yellow), lots of fresh Green Cabbage (and some Red, too), fresh Lacinato Kale (no Green Curley or Red this week), Mycopia Gourmet Mushrooms (6 count), Red Radishes (6 count), lots of Zucchini, and more of the same!  ALL VEGGIES AND GREENS ORGANIC.  Price list and items will be updated Sunday–   ‘What Produce at Buyer’s Group’, under the Buyer’s Group tab.

Group B Special Boxes–3# bag Halo’s, ORG head Cauliflower, ORG Zucchini, ORG Carrots, ORG Green Cabbage, ORG Red Onions, ORG Red Bell Peppers, and Greybull Valley Lettuce$30

CSA is OPEN!  Sign up on-line and pay Thursday’s at Bee Healthy when we are there for Buyer’s Group–$100-$400 for membership depending on how many veggies you want! 

Why should you join?  Why SHOULDN’T YOU JOIN!  Fresh garden veggies full of flavor and great nutrition.  You have to eat (well, you should want to…) so why not eat THE BEST!  Check out our Nutrition tab and explore the wonder of the foods we eat!!  

See you Thursday at Bee Healthy!  Really give a strong thought to joining the CSA!  The Farmer’s Wife


Group A Box:  2 Avocados, 3# Halo’s, Greybull Valley Butter Leaf Living Lettuce, and the rest is USDA certified ORGANIC:  Broccoli, Eggplant, Red Onion, Yellow Bell Pepper, and Cucumber– $25 (no Fingerlings–)  WE HAVE ONE EXTRA BOX FOR SALE!  (Text 431-1219 with your name to reserve the box-)

Some of the items for sale worth noting–complete list at , under the Buyer’s Group tab:

Large Avocados for $2.25

ORG Fuji Apples for $2.25/#

ORG Asparagus for $7.00  (ask me about the amino acid asparagine & the mineral cesium…)

ORG Broccoli for $4.50

ORG Cauliflower heads for $6.50, and ORG Riced Cauliflower (6 oz) for $5.75

ORG Romanesco head for $6.25 (like cauliflower but green, but a whole different flavor)

ORG Green Cabbage–new heads not ones from storage, $1.50 each

ORG Red Cabbage–smaller heads, $3.00 each

ORG Roma Tomatoes–3/$1.00

ORG Eggplant (recipes at for $2.50 each

ORG Giant Garlic for $1.00

ORG Mycopia Gourmet Mushrooms for $8.00

ORG Crimini Mushrooms for $3.50

LOTS OF GREENS and LOTS OF ONIONS and MORE LOCAL BASIL, Turmeric and Ginger Root……check it out on the What Produce at Buyer’s Group page, under the Buyer’s Group tab.


See you TOMORROW (THURSDAY)-  The Farmer’s Wife

Group B Box, Extra Items, and Sign up for the CSA–Thursday, March 7th–Bee Healthy!


SPOKANE Truck came in today before the sun went down!!!  YAY!!!  Fingerling potatoes were not included–BOOO!! 

Group A Special Boxes:  TWO Avocados, 3# bag of Halo’s, ORG head Broccoli, ORG Eggplant, ORG Red Onion, ORG Yellow Bell Pepper and ORG Cucumber, and Greybull Valley Butterhead Lettuce$25  (Info Sheet and Recipes for Eggplant and Citrus Vinaigrette)

Lots of wonderful EXTRA’s!  Avocados, Heirloom Oranges, Mangoes, ORG Bananas, ORG Lemons, ORG Kiwi’s, ORG Danjou Red Pears, ORG Fuji Apples….ORG Asparagus, ORG Red Onions and ORG Leeks and ORG Green Onions and ORG Shallots and ORG Yellow Onions….ORG Carrots, ORG Red Beets, ORG Red Radishes (NEW!), ORG Brussels Sprouts, ORG Cabbages (Red and Green and Baby Bok Choi), ORG Cauliflower and ORG Romanesco and ORG Broccoli…Lots of Greens, Mycopia Gourmet Mushrooms and ORG Crimini, Greybull Valley Basil and ORG Poultry Mix herbsand much, much more!  Come and SHOP for your fresh, market goods–

BTW—  CSA is open!  You can sign up on-line at , and pay using PayPal or a check dropped off at Bee Healthy Thursday–  Pay now to help us cover the input costs on the garden…we’ve ordered seed and are already starting transplants…Garden Shares will be ready in July!  Pay before May 5th and get a VOUCHER for The Store at Thursday Pick Up’s at The Farm.  Summer will be here before we know it–   The Farmer’s Wife  

TIME TO SIGN UP FOR THE CSA! VISIT and check it out!!


Membership is open!  Visit our web for information under the CSA tab.  This is our summer program (July-October) with the produce from our garden and items you can purchase from The Store every Thursday at The Farm–  The membership fees pay the input costs on the garden and we are already starting plants and ordering seed!  (Celery and celeriac were planted in JANUARY!)

Sign up ON-LINE–Convenient!!  Pay by check Thursday’s at Bee Healthy, or use your Credit or Debit card using our PayPal link at http://www.lloydcraftfarms.comSign up and Pay before May 5th and get a VOUCHER from us to use at The Store at The Farm on Thursday’s!

Support LOCAL AND FRESH!  The Farmer’s Wife


sliced cucumber on white table


FIRSTthanks to all the folks who picked up their Group B Special Boxes today!  You ROCK!  (And thanks for those that are picking up here at The Farm tomorrow, and at Bee Healthy on Monday.)  We appreciate your flexibility this week with the snow and delayed truck!  THANKS to those that came and shopped Thursday as well–   🙂

SECOND–The Group B Special Box this week:  2 Avocados, 3# Halo’s, ORG Broccoli, ORG Eggplant (recipes included!), ORG Red Onion, ORG Yellow Bell Pepper and ORG Cucumber, ORG 1.5# Fingerling potatoes (recipe and info), and Greybull Valley Head Lettuce— $30

THIRDWe should be restocked to help you restock your kitchens–  we are with you on your commitment to fresh and healthy veggies!  Check out the Produce List at , Buyer’s Group tab, What Produce at Buyer’s Group page.


THANK You and see you there Thursday at Bee Healthy!   The Farmer’s Wife