Monday at Bee Healthy! Boxes and Produce….information on the Summer CSA


New prices and what produce at Buyer’s Group is posted at , Buyer’s Group tab, What Produce at Buyer’s Group…check it out!  (Chef’s Sampler Gourmet Mushrooms are back!  As well as some really nice looking asparagus!)

You will note that the inventory of greens, tomatoes, and peppers, are down this week.  With the transition to Monday from Thursday and Spring Break this week with a lot of folks out of town, we ordered light.

That said–The Boxes are loaded!  No fruit (other than Avocados for Group B), but lots of other goodies in the boxes.  It was a REAL challenge ordering the right amount for 80 Boxes (actually put together 85), and it didn’t help that the Red Bell Peppers (sold by the pound) were not all the same size or consistent count  (BUT BOY are they gorgeous!)...And to further challenge us, Spokane only sent one case of Romaine instead of two!  (As a result of the shortages, 5 Boxes do not have Red Bell Peppers, 16 Boxes do not have Romaine lettuce, but the Brussels Sprouts were used to offset the difference–12 oz and 1-1/3#–and this kept the box values equal.) 

Group A boxes (Saturday Pick up) were held over for those unable to make it Saturday.  Group B Boxes will be labeled ‘Romaine’ or ‘NO Romaine’.  Keep in mind, ‘NO Romaine’ has more Brussels Sprouts, but no Romaine.  “Romaine” has Romaine, and 12 oz of Brussels Sprouts.  (First come, first serve on the boxes–it would be absolute insanity trying to keep them straight if they were pre-ordered and would require more space!)  It will be easier next week as we settle into ordering for one Group instead of two, as we did this week for the transition–And thanks for all your patience and support, and hanging with us through the change!

There will be 3 EXTRA Boxes for Sale–$30.  They have their own unique combination of contents.  🙂   See you Monday at Bee Healthy for our First MONDAY Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome!    The Farmer’s Wife

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