sliced cucumber on white table


FIRSTthanks to all the folks who picked up their Group B Special Boxes today!  You ROCK!  (And thanks for those that are picking up here at The Farm tomorrow, and at Bee Healthy on Monday.)  We appreciate your flexibility this week with the snow and delayed truck!  THANKS to those that came and shopped Thursday as well–   🙂

SECOND–The Group B Special Box this week:  2 Avocados, 3# Halo’s, ORG Broccoli, ORG Eggplant (recipes included!), ORG Red Onion, ORG Yellow Bell Pepper and ORG Cucumber, ORG 1.5# Fingerling potatoes (recipe and info), and Greybull Valley Head Lettuce— $30

THIRDWe should be restocked to help you restock your kitchens–  we are with you on your commitment to fresh and healthy veggies!  Check out the Produce List at , Buyer’s Group tab, What Produce at Buyer’s Group page.


THANK You and see you there Thursday at Bee Healthy!   The Farmer’s Wife

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