Romanesco, Gourmet Mushrooms, and MORE–Bee Healthy tomorrow, Thursday


Today is ‘put the boxes together’ Day!  Truck came in at a reasonable hour last night, and so The Farmer and The Farmer’s Wife had plenty of sleep–a thing we all need plenty of!  I wanted to take this time to share information on several items we are stocking this week–Romanesco, more Chef’s Sampler Mushrooms, Fennel Bulbs, and more 3# bags of Yellow Onions…among other things!

Romanesco is called broccoli in old time seed catalogs, but a type of cauliflower in present day catalogs.  It is a geometric-shaped, lime-green head like cauliflower, but with its own unique flavor.  It is dense enough to be sliced, and broiled or grilled.  We grow them in the garden to some success…they are a little picky and hate the heat….so last year we had flowers (they had bolted)!  I ordered in only 3 heads for this week–if they sell well I’ll order a case at a lower price…  ;–)

Mycopia Gourmet Mushrooms are BACK!  I couldn’t get them last week, but they were available again this week.  I have a Mushroom Soup recipe at , Recipe tab, #65- Mushroom and Garlic Chowder.  This recipe is direct from Mycopia’s website and is phenomenal!  (I’m not a Mushroom junkie, but this is GOOD!)

Fennel Bulbs…we’ve had these every week and they’ve sold well!  YAY!  Fennel is an herb–this bulb is large and can be roasted with other veggies to impart a slight licorice flavor.  You can easily use a portion of the bulb for several meals.  I have chopped it into slices and added it to fried potatoes, too, along with the onions, and some orange bell peppers…yummmm

Yellow Storage Onions-3# bags are back!  I stock leeks, garlic, onions every week, and we are trying Shallots for the first time this week.  I use onions in just about everything.  Hate them raw, love them cooked!  Chris Wark at talks about the benefit of Allium’s (Onion family) in our diet.  I’ve also heard of putting a cut onion on the counter top–it is purported to attract bad microscopic bugs like viruses.

Red Danjou Pears are back, too.  Red pears are a firmer pear and eaten while still crunchy.  For that reason they are a good candidate for baking. Check out the German Pear Pancake recipe–I have one you can take a picture of–it’s not really a pancake but custard poured over sliced pears and baked in the oven for 25-30 minutes.  A great dessert, fast and simple, though loaded with sugar as most desserts are–

Eat well to be well!   

See you tomorrow!  At Bee Healthy!  10:00 opening!  The Farmer’s Wife!

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