It was the frantic Box Game Thursday, and when the dust settled today I have one unclaimed Special Box of Veggies for $30.  TEXT 431-1219 to claim the Box.

In this Special Box are all Organic goodies:  Pink Lady Apples (3#), Taylor Farms (ready-to-go) Green Beans (12 oz), Broccoli (1# minimum), Carrots (1#), Celery (nice full head), Organic Girl Salad Mix (5 oz), and the Valentine’s Day Special (couple of days late now!)Swiss Chard Salad (recipe, Swiss Chard, Red Beets, Cucumberadd lemon juice, maple syrup, red wine vinegar, craisins, and roasted sunflower seeds)–Box includes Info Sheet and 2 other recipes for Charred Green Beans, and Bone Broth made in the Instant Pot…or not…

Special Box is at Bee Healthy until 3:00 today (Saturday), but can be picked up at The Farm on Washakie Ten after that time.  Text or call to reserve– 431-1219.  Thanks!  The Farmer’s Wife

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