Keto vs Paleo (and the Whole30 Reset)


Diets come and diets go…but good nutrition should always be here to stay!  I’ve been studying the two most popular diets as more and more folks are saying, “I can’t eat that, or I can eat that” when they are looking at the Box Contents for the Buyer’s Group. Both diets  seem pretty solid to me with their emphasis on whole foods (veggie strong) and good sources of proteins and fats.  

My friend Kelley is doing the Whole30–  I thought that sounded familiar and I was putting things away the other day and found a cookbook I’d picked up last month at Costco:  Whole30 Cookbook by Melissa Hartwig!  This is Melissa’s 3rd food book.  First was It Starts With Food, and the second was The Whole30.  

Dr. Axe this week posted an article explaining and comparing the Ketogenic Diet and the Paleo Diet (Carnivore Diet)–the Whole30 was lightly touched upon, too.  I’ve transferred that information to our blog.  (The fine print at the end of the article led me to believe sharing was okay–)

If you have a moment read it through–it is very informative and touches on the health benefits of both! – The article has its own tab for now but will be moved to the Nutrition tab at the end of this month and become its own page.  

Healthy food for healthy bodies!– The Farmer’s Wife


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