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Greetings Everyone!  We all love a great avocado, especially in the winter–but they are not without challenge.  Avocados are a tropical fruit making the trek from Mexico.  Avocados are VERY sensitive to the cold and do not always show it right away.  When we get our shipment Tuesday, we take one from the top and ‘sacrifice it’ to see what it looks like inside.  If it shows no discoloration, then we accept the shipment.  

Spokane gives us 24 hours to report any damaged or spoiled produce for credit.  That doesn’t work with avocados which show damage from the cold later than 24 hours.  However, if the avocados are good when received they should be 90% good when on the early end of ripe, that is a little give with a light squeeze. They will turn fast from nice and clear to showing the gray streaks.  The flavor can still be  good, but if not used the discoloration will grow and the flavor will move to yuck.

So, here’s the deal:  We check the avocados upon receipt.  You check them daily and use them when the first signs of ripening appear.  If you get a bad one (more than 50% streaked) send me a picture and we will replace it the following week.  BUT we will only do this up to Saturday, 4 days after receipt from Spokane.  Anything beyond the 4 days is considered the life of the avocado. 

It’s easy to forget about avocados so leave them on the counter in full view.  Unless your fridge is running around 50 degrees don’t put them there to hold them.  (I’ve done that with success in the past, but based on the cold weather now and the inability to know exactly what they look like inside it’s better to use them quickly and not try to hold them.)

In a nutshell:  Watch them and check them daily.  If you cut it open and more than 50% is browned, and it is Saturday or sooner, send me a picture and we will replace it the following Thursday.  Anytime beyond Saturday is considered the life of the avocado.  


Thanks for your understanding!  Keep eating the whole foods for health and energy!  See you THURSDAY’s at The Bee–The Farmer’s Wife



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