Thanks! Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome moved a lot of PRODUCE–

The day was long for us starting at 7:00 this morning and ending at 6:30 tonight, but it was worth it to see good produce moving from our coolers into your homes!  Tomorrow we start ordering the produce for Group A and Walk-in’s for next week.  🙂

A few notices:

  • If you had the Organic Girl Protein Greens (EXP 2/5/19), let me know.  I’ve collected 3 and am looking for the remaining 3.  They are not fresh and need to be replaced.  Text 431-1219.
  • If you purchased the English Cucumbers, check them today, do not hold them in your fridge.  I can credit or exchange them next week for 2 regular cucumbers, but I need to know by Friday.  (Most likely will not order them again…plastic hides their true condition and seems to speed up their life span.)
  • Watch the avocados closely.  We sample one upon receipt to assure that they have not been chilled in transit.  During the winter months the avocados are ready when soft to the touch, but they do not hold long.  I’ve been successful in putting them in the fridge to hold them, but if the fridge is colder than 40 degrees they are compromised by the cold.
  • Enjoy and eat your veggies daily!


Have a restful night, a warm evening, and we will see you Thursday at Bee Healthy with new goodies.  More potatoes, avocados, broccoli, snap peas, greens, and herbs next week!  Let me know if you would like to try something specific, and I’ll see if it is possible to make it a Special Box ingredient!  Thanks for supporting us in getting organics into the Basin–thanks for supporting Local and Fresh during the summer months when we have The Garden!


The Farmer’s Wife


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