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Bee Healthy tomorrow– 10:00 a.m.

We will be at Bee Healthy tomorrow with mostly veggies.  A complete list is posted at , Buyer’s Group tab, What Produce at Buyer’s Group page.  The number after the item lets you know how many items are available, and prices are included.  Pick Up information on the 2019 CSA!

Group B Special Boxes will be ready for Pick Up at Bee Healthy on Saturday at Bee Healthy (10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.), or here at The Farm this weekend, or Monday at Bee Healthy (10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.).  Make sure I know which day you want to pick up!  TEXT 431-1219

Special Box contents have changed slightly—  2 Avocados, 2.5# Heirloom Oranges, ORG Cauliflower head, Org Eggplant, ORG Yellow Pepper, ORG Cucumber, ORG Red Onion (roughly 1#), ORG Yukon Potatoes (5#), and Greybull Valley Produce Butterhead Lettuce$30(Cash in an envelope or Check to Lloyd Craft Farms–thanks!)

See you tomorrow for onions, potatoes, carrots, Basil, Butterhead Lettuce, and more… See you Saturday at Bee Healthy for the BOXES!   The Farmer’s Wife


Change of Plans for Bee Healthy this Thursday, Feb. 28th

heart shape multicolored stand

First– THE SPOKANE TRUCK WAS TURNED BACK TO SPOKANE THIS MORNING. What that means is we are still having Buyer’s Group/ Walk-in’s Welcome, but no Group B Special Boxes on Thursday, and no NEW ITEMS…lots of potatoes, onions, lettuce, carrots, lemons, bell peppers, snap peas, and some herbs.  Odds and ends of other goodies–  [What Produce at Buyer’s Group page has been updated]

Second– SPOKANE DELIVERY MAY BE MADE THURSDAY IF ROADS ARE OPEN, and we would sort and box Group B Special Boxes for pick up Saturday at Bee Healthy.  (Saturday hours:  10:00 to 3:00.)  Text me if you are not able to pick up Saturday and we’ll hold them at The Farm for pick up Sunday.  The third option is to pick up Monday at Bee Healthy. Let me know whether Saturday at Bee Healthy, Sunday at The Farm, or Monday at Bee Healthy.  TEXT   431-1219

Sorry for the inconvenience!  This is the beauty of living in the Rocky Mountain region–Gotta love the winter…or not!  The Farmer’s Wife


Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome–NEW ITEMS THIS WEEK!

Image result for halo clementines

Happy Monday!  Buyer’s Group is finishing up the 2nd month of  5 months.  (Our last Box is May 30th.)    This week there are 2 EXTRA BOXES, and 1 OPENING in Group B.  (If you are interested in being a part of this endeavor with the guarantee of 2 Special Boxes a month at a reduced price, send me a text to sign up! 431-1219)  

This Week’s Box–$30:  ORG Blackberries and 2# of Heirloom Oranges, AND Cauliflower, Eggplant, Yellow Bell Pepper, 1.5# Fingerling potatoes, Red OnionAll ORGANIC–and a head of Butter Lettuce from Greybull Valley Produce.  Info Sheet included.   Text if you are not in the Buyer’s Group and would like this box!  431-1219

Riced ORG Cauliflower–it’s easy enough to ‘rice’ your own cauliflower, but this is pre-riced and ready to go!  (You know, one of those time savers.)  I think it could speed up some of the other processes with cauliflower, like using cauliflower to make Pizza Crust.  This is the first time we’ve ordered the Riced Cauliflower–check it out and let me know what you think!!

ORG Red Radishes–$3.75 a bundle.  We will have more of our Alpine Daikon Radishes.  These are a mild, large radish–great stir-fried, fried, or fermented.  Also good cut into thin slices and put in water in the fridge to crisp as a snack.  (A member of the Brassica family, high anti-oxidant! Nutrient DENSE!)

ORG Eggplant–and yes! some ideas on how to handle, store, and use.  Eggplant is a very mild flavored ‘fruit/vegetable’.  As most in the nightshade family (tomatoes and peppers) it is mild with a different texture.  (I find folks not fans of Eggplant are usually a victim of ‘food texture disorder’…its flavor is mild but the texture can be considered ‘spongy’ by some– )

ORG Asparagus–someday we will have a quarter of an acre of asparagus grown right here in our garden in the Big Horn Basin, but until then we’ll rely on the asparagus coming out of Mexico and Washington state.  The importance of a good experience with asparagus is trimming it to eliminate the tough ends!  It’s great steamed with a cream sauce and served on rice or toast!

Halo tangerines–We’ve had the ORG Clementine/Mandarin’s but this week I decided to go with the Halo’s and add an additional pound for the same price.  (Hope they are as good as the ORG have been!) Citrus is one item we order conventional–the peels provide a good barrier against pesticide sprays, and few other chemicals are applied when the fruit is forming.

Come and visit us Thursday at Bee Healthy!  Open at 10:00, best selection earlier in the day–  The Farmer’s Wife

GROUP B– BOX Correction…

Heirloom oranges

I forgot the 2# of Heirloom Oranges that will be in your boxes, too!  Hmmmmm…maybe I should include the citrus/avocado salad with citrus dressing recipe??

See you Thursday at Bee Healthy–The Farmer’s Wife



Group B!  Thursday at Bee Healthy!  

Your Special Boxes this week:  ORG Blackberries (We hope!), Avocado, ORG Cauliflower, ORG Yellow Pepper, ORG Fingerlings, ORG Red Onion, ORG Eggplant (and ideas with what the heck to do with it!), and a SPECIAL TREATGreybull Valley Living Butterhead Lettuce!– All this for $30

FOR EVERYONE— The Price List and What’s at Buyer’s Group tab have been updated for this week.  Check it out at , Buyer’s Group tab, What Produce at Buyer’s Group page.

REMEMBER:  Members and Walk-in’s alike can shop EVERY Thursday at The Bee.  Opens at 10:00.  Best selection earlier in the day.

NEW ITEMS THIS WEEK: ORG Eggplant, 3# bag Halo’s, ORG Asparagus (Mexico), Mycopia Gourmet Mushrooms, ORG Crimini Mushrooms, ORG Red Radish bundles, and ORG Taylor Farms Riced Cauliflower


See you there!  The Farmer’s Wife

EXTRA FRIDAY BOXES this week–too much stock left-over from Thursday Market at Bee Healthy–TEXT 431-1219

Special Box 02212019

Well…we had too much stuff left-over and need to move it.  The best produce is the freshest produce!  5 Special Boxes at Bee Healthy Friday, until Saturday at 3:00 p.m.  $27.75 VALUE— REDUCED to $25–  Good Value and Quality!

Friday Special Boxes:  Organic Girl Salad Mix or Baby Spinach (5 oz), ORG Broccoli (full heads–1# to 1-1/2#), ORG Snap Peas (12 oz), ORG Brussels Sprouts (1#), ORG Mini-Carrots (1#), ORG Yellow Onion, Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash (from our garden on Washakie Ten!), ORG Orange Bell pepper, Green Mango (sweet and ready)INFO Sheet and recipe for Brussels Sprouts, and the Winter Squash! 

Reserve your Box for Pick Up at Bee Healthy Friday or Saturday before 3:00 p.m.  TEXT 431-1219, or stop in at Bee Healthy–  THANKS!


The ORG Blackberries did not arrive on the truck–so the price of the Special Boxes are $27 instead of $30 for this week!  So sorry, we are disappointed, too–Looking forward to stocking Blackberries to sell, too.  But, no Blackberries this week–

Also, no ORG Poultry Medley–they got missed, too.  And a slight change on the Tomatoes:  The company sent ORG Rubie on the Vine Tomatoes instead of OR Cherry Tomato on the Vine.  The Rubie’s are 1# instead of 12 oz, and a little higher in price…but they look good!

See you at Bee Healthy!  We are up and going at 10:00 when the store opens!  The Farmer’s Wife


Romanesco, Gourmet Mushrooms, and MORE–Bee Healthy tomorrow, Thursday


Today is ‘put the boxes together’ Day!  Truck came in at a reasonable hour last night, and so The Farmer and The Farmer’s Wife had plenty of sleep–a thing we all need plenty of!  I wanted to take this time to share information on several items we are stocking this week–Romanesco, more Chef’s Sampler Mushrooms, Fennel Bulbs, and more 3# bags of Yellow Onions…among other things!

Romanesco is called broccoli in old time seed catalogs, but a type of cauliflower in present day catalogs.  It is a geometric-shaped, lime-green head like cauliflower, but with its own unique flavor.  It is dense enough to be sliced, and broiled or grilled.  We grow them in the garden to some success…they are a little picky and hate the heat….so last year we had flowers (they had bolted)!  I ordered in only 3 heads for this week–if they sell well I’ll order a case at a lower price…  ;–)

Mycopia Gourmet Mushrooms are BACK!  I couldn’t get them last week, but they were available again this week.  I have a Mushroom Soup recipe at , Recipe tab, #65- Mushroom and Garlic Chowder.  This recipe is direct from Mycopia’s website and is phenomenal!  (I’m not a Mushroom junkie, but this is GOOD!)

Fennel Bulbs…we’ve had these every week and they’ve sold well!  YAY!  Fennel is an herb–this bulb is large and can be roasted with other veggies to impart a slight licorice flavor.  You can easily use a portion of the bulb for several meals.  I have chopped it into slices and added it to fried potatoes, too, along with the onions, and some orange bell peppers…yummmm

Yellow Storage Onions-3# bags are back!  I stock leeks, garlic, onions every week, and we are trying Shallots for the first time this week.  I use onions in just about everything.  Hate them raw, love them cooked!  Chris Wark at talks about the benefit of Allium’s (Onion family) in our diet.  I’ve also heard of putting a cut onion on the counter top–it is purported to attract bad microscopic bugs like viruses.

Red Danjou Pears are back, too.  Red pears are a firmer pear and eaten while still crunchy.  For that reason they are a good candidate for baking. Check out the German Pear Pancake recipe–I have one you can take a picture of–it’s not really a pancake but custard poured over sliced pears and baked in the oven for 25-30 minutes.  A great dessert, fast and simple, though loaded with sugar as most desserts are–

Eat well to be well!   

See you tomorrow!  At Bee Healthy!  10:00 opening!  The Farmer’s Wife!

Happy Tuesday! Update on Goodies–Last week and this Week! Thursday at Bee Healthy–


Tuesday is the day the Spokane truck comes in…what time?  Well, anytime from 4:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Wednesday morning!  Weather, the time the truck is fully loaded and leaves Spokane, and the number of stops through Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming needed to deliver the goods dictate the arrival here in Worland.  (We are the last stop…the end of the line!)  We appreciate Spokane so much, and the fact that they will make the trek to Wyoming where the weather is a winter challenge and the number of customers is sparse compared to the miles traveled.  We love the fact that they carry USDA Certified Organics, and we can still order some of the less pesticide laden conventional fruits.  We couldn’t do what we do in the winter without Spokane!

Hope you all in Group B have finished your cucumber and green beans.  We had our green beans Sunday–they were so delicious cooked in the cast iron with a little salt and some toasty slivered almonds.  Cucumber should always be one of your first choices–they don’t store long and they have already traveled from Mexico to a distributor, to Spokane, to here.  (Peel them to remove any wax–I use a carrot peeler.)

Swiss Chard and Salad Mix should have top priority too–greens are light and do not have a long shelf life!  We had boiled and drained Swiss Chard served with vinegar, and a huge salad with grated red beet, sliced green pepper, and a vinaigrette option.  (Red beets are a big surprise grated raw into a salad–great way to add the nutrient with a mild flavor that even folks who think they don’t like beets have to agree are surprisingly good!)  The Sunday meal was rounded out with Mesquite Smoked Turkey and Dilled Havarti/Cheddar cheese Sandwiches, with a good healthy thick layer of Butterhead lettuce leaves.  I made half the sandwiches with Basil Pesto (Basil, Olive Oil, Parmesan Cheese spread) and half traditionally.  Good meal was had by all!

The veggie info I want to share today is about Asparagus, Carrots, Lemons, and Romaine lettuce–all of which will be in the Group A Boxes for this week!

Asparagus is an all-time favorite and simple to cook and add to meals.  We only order organic on this item, and it is hard to consider the cost as it grows ABUNDANTLY here in the Big Horn Basin from May through mid-June.  The pricing of conventional asparagus is just as high as the organic this time of year.  The asparagus in the box will most likely be from Mexico, the Washington asparagus doesn’t hit the market for another 3-4 weeks.

We love carrots of all kinds!  We stock Rainbow Carrots, Orange Carrots, Mini-Rainbow Carrots, and this week for the first time 1# bags of Mini-Carrots–all organic as they are a root and store whatever is applied to the foliage or carried in the water.  The thing with carrots, whether organic or conventional, is they are CHEAP!  Why not buy organic for the same price as conventional?

This week’s lettuce is Organic Girl Romaine Hearts–12 oz package.  I’ve never ordered these before but love the Organic Girl brand! A nice change from the baby salad mixes which are smaller leafed and more tender, to the crunchiness of a good crisp Romaine!  Caesar Salad with dressing, grated Parmesan, and croutons??

I’ve also ordered a case of organic lemons!  Conventional lemons are usually cheaper and the skins protect the interior of the fruit, but by buying a case I was able to get a better price for the organic.  Many of our members and walk-in’s like to throw their lemons into the Vitamix, skin and all, so I have leaned more towards the organic for that reason.  (A nice hot lemon drink earlier in the day is a great starter, waking up the gut, and helping to move and clean the villi that absorb nutrients.)  This week’s box should have 2 lemons!  You can always add a few more by purchasing off the Extra’s table.

Excited for THURSDAY–See you there!  The Farmer’s Wife   


Bee Healthy Thursday, February 21st


This Thursday is Group A-  sorry, no Extra Special Boxes For Sale.  Check the previous post for detailed information on the contents. 

We have ordered some new items that I want to highlight today:  

ORG Fingerling Mix-1.5# bags–These are absolutely delicious and do not require peeling.  A simple recipe is posted at , Recipes tab, #56 from the Domestic Man website.  Fingerling potatoes are perfect for boiling, it brings out their subtle, nutty flavor.  The recipe calls for French Fingerlings but the Fingerling Mix will work fine paying special attention to the doneness of the largest fingerlings–they can be ‘dry’ if overcooked, but each variety is unique to their composition whether a dense texture or dry.  Also needed for this recipe is dried Rosemary which is in the Poultry Medley we stock with the herbs.  Also butter, salt and pepper, and garlic powder are listed.  (I don’t use garlic powder as it tends to make us thirsty and the after taste is sometimes pretty strong.  Instead I use fresh garlic either finely chopped and lightly cooked in the butter added to the fingerlings, or garlic cloves added to the boiling water.)  (quantity 16 bags fingerling mix, 3 Poultry Medley)

Greybull Valley Produce Basil and Arugula are BACK!  (quantity 8 each)  I would chop the Basil fresh and add it to the fingerlings in the place of the Rosemary–I’ve used fresh or dried Thyme, too!  

ORG Shallots–We’ve never bought Shallots for the Buyer’s Group.  They are in the Allium family with onions, leeks, and garlic.  Seldom are they sold Organically, so this is an exciting first!

ORG Blackberries1 pint–Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries all contain anthocyanins in their red pigmentation.  Anthocyanins give powerful antioxidant protection to help deal with stress, radiation, and environmental toxins. These antioxidants are categorized as polyphenols and consuming them is one of the best strategies for preventing cancer.  Other foods with anthocyanins are red cabbage, purple cauliflower, cherries, red onions, eggplant, red lentils and red beans, acai, red currents, strawberries, goji berries, and chokecherries, Concord grapes, and Yams (dark skinned and pigment sweet potatoes).  (quantity 8 Blackberries)

For more information read Red and Purple Vegetables and Fruits under the Nutrition tab at our website.  

Take a moment and peruse the What Produce at Buyer’s Group for an idea of what is available this week.  Supplies are limited as we want no left-overs–The best produce is the freshest produce.  Once a week Market guarantees that freshness (the best we can without actually growing the goodies ourselves)–

See you at Bee Healthy!  Thursday, 10:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.–best supply earlier in the day!  The Farmer’s Wife