Walk-in’s Welcome/Buyer’s Group


Thursday at Bee Healthy was a great day…almost perfect!  We covered our check and got the extra needed to apply to the truck payment due for 2019.  Thanks to those Walk-in’s that stopped by to shop, and the Members that bought Extra’s.  The income from the Special Boxes helps to make Thursday Market at The Bee happen, but do not cover the cost of the produce from our distributors.  It is truly a community effort!

Please help us share the wordMarket Day at Bee Healthy every Thursday from now until the end of May. 

  • No membership required, though being a part of the Buyer’s Group guaranties a personal box of fruits and veggies for the week (or two weeks).
  • 9 openings still available in Group B with their next Box January 31st– $30.  Text 431-1219 to reserve a spot.
  • No money down, pay when you pick up your Box (and pick up your Extra’s for the week, too).
  • Review the Memo of Understanding, and check out the Buyer’s Group tab at http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com .  While there, sign up ‘to follow’ so you’ll get the posts directly into your email!

Thanks AGAIN!  We appreciate your support and commitment to eating whole foods and taking your health seriously!  LOL 

Healthy foods for healthy bodies, Healthy bodies for healthy communities!   

The Farmer’s Wife


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