BUYER’S GROUP A–Thursday, January 24th at Bee Healthy…Walk-in’s Welcome!


We are well on our way to getting this program going!  Despite over-ordering last week, we did okay…YAY!!  We brought the 25 Special Boxes for Group B, and we’re able to sell 12 MORE as an INTRO for those wanting to try them but not sure they wanted to COMMIT…just yet– The Walk-in’s for the day took care of the rest!  THANK YOU COMMUNITY!!

Soooo….for this week, second box for Group B:  3-1/2# of ORG Honeycrisp Apples, Avocado, ORG Broccoli, ORG Cucumber and ORG Orange Bell Pepper, ORG Green Onions, 2 of our own Acorn Squash (& Acorn with Apple and Sausage recipe), 12 oz bag of ORG Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine, and a 5 oz clamshell of Organic Girl Salad Mix…..all for $30 ($33.25 value)

********************************************************************************We have decided not to put Potatoes in the Special Box as so many people are on diets which do not allow them.  BUT we will have 5# bags for sale as EXTRA’s. 


Still interested in signing up?  2 openings in Group A, and 10 openings in Group B.  Once we are full, the Buyer’s Group with guaranteed Special Boxes is closed, but we will always try to have a variety of Extra’s for sale for Walk-in’s. (Box price is 15%-20% less, and not all items are available for sale on certain case sizes.)   Text 431-1219 with your name, or email

Don’t hesitate and miss out!!  The Farmer’s Wife

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