Greetings to all!  Proud to report our first week of Buyer’s Group was a resounding success. We delivered 40 boxes to Group A Members and had some extra foods to buy for Members and walk-in’s alike! We signed up more Members for Group B.  We’ll do it again next week—and with more Extra’s for purchase as the program grows!  

This week’s Box:  Heirloom Oranges, Avocado, ORG Cucumber, our own Onion, ORG Rainbow carrots, ORG Cauliflower, locally grown Red Potatoes, ORG Cherry Vine Tomatoes, our own Winter Squash, and Organic Girl Salad Mix.  We include info sheets–veggie storage or prep tips, maybe recipes!  Cost is $30

Are you interested in a box of fruits and veggies? (USDA Organics available.) Then, SIGN UP for Group B and pick up your first box January 17th at Bee Healthy!  (Rather be in Group A?–see me…)  Text 431-1219, or email  Check program out at , Buyer’s Group Tab. 

REMEMBER:  EXTRA’s ARE NOT LIMITED TO MEMBERS! But, MEMBERSHIP guarantees a SPECIAL BOX and makes this program possible for Walk-in’s and Members alike.  

Take a look-see at anticipated weekly produce (with price and availability) at , What Produce at Buyer’s Group Page under the Buyer’s Group Tab.


Best selection earlier in the day—Thursday’s ONLY!  Don’t wait and let this opportunity slip by— the Farmer’s Wife

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