JAN 10 Buyer’s Group–tomorrow…and some EXTRA’s for Walk-in’s, too!

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The Farmer and I are a leet-tle poop-ed…it started with his Birthday Dinner last night…Happy Birthday, FARMER…and ended with meeting the Spokane truck at 3:00 THIS MORNING!   Our eyelids are a leet-tle droopy, but no time to rest as we bag and box for Tomorrow’s Special Boxes…and get the EXTRA’s ready to sell!  I AM So excited to be back and bringing the ‘good stuff’!

Bee Healthy opens at 10:00 Thursday morning and we will be ready to go with the Organic and Natural Fruits and Veggies!  I have ONE UNCLAIMED Special Box for sale ($28.50), and a fair amount of Fruits and Veggies for Members and Walk-in’s to buy…always first come, first serve–best selection earlier in the day.  I ordered some amazing Turmeric out of Montana…and some fresh Ginger Root–both organic, so suitable for your morning smoothie with their paper thin skin for more fiber value.

Contents Week 1- Group ARed Cabbage from The Farm (and info sheet), Butternut Squash, random Onion, and 3# bag of Red Potatoes from Anderson’s in Torrington–all these items are WY GROWN!  From Spokane Produce ORG 1# bag Carrots, ORG Cucumber, ORG Red Pepper, and conventionally grown Avocado, 2# bag Heirloom Oranges, and 1# bag Meyer Lemons. No Organic Girl Salads in the Box–Order was shorted 18 mixes….so BOX PRICE IS $26.50   (There are 24 salads for sale–$4.00, Organic Girl Baby Spinach and Organic Girl 50/50 Mix.)

Lots of other items–prices will be updated on our What Produce At Buyer’s Group page, http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com , under the Buyer’s Group tab.   

35 Openings remain for Group B, with the first box January 17th.  No money down–nothing to lose and everything to gain! Text 431-1219 with your name or email craftterri@rtconnect.net.  

See you tomorrow!  Come check it out and think about signing up to guaranty good quality and fresh food for each week…or at least twice a month– 

The Farmer’s Wife

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