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JAN 10 Buyer’s Group–tomorrow…and some EXTRA’s for Walk-in’s, too!

Corinto Slicing Cucumbers        heirloom-oranges   business-card

The Farmer and I are a leet-tle poop-ed…it started with his Birthday Dinner last night…Happy Birthday, FARMER…and ended with meeting the Spokane truck at 3:00 THIS MORNING!   Our eyelids are a leet-tle droopy, but no time to rest as we bag and box for Tomorrow’s Special Boxes…and get the EXTRA’s ready to sell!  I AM So excited to be back and bringing the ‘good stuff’!

Bee Healthy opens at 10:00 Thursday morning and we will be ready to go with the Organic and Natural Fruits and Veggies!  I have ONE UNCLAIMED Special Box for sale ($28.50), and a fair amount of Fruits and Veggies for Members and Walk-in’s to buy…always first come, first serve–best selection earlier in the day.  I ordered some amazing Turmeric out of Montana…and some fresh Ginger Root–both organic, so suitable for your morning smoothie with their paper thin skin for more fiber value.

Contents Week 1- Group ARed Cabbage from The Farm (and info sheet), Butternut Squash, random Onion, and 3# bag of Red Potatoes from Anderson’s in Torrington–all these items are WY GROWN!  From Spokane Produce ORG 1# bag Carrots, ORG Cucumber, ORG Red Pepper, and conventionally grown Avocado, 2# bag Heirloom Oranges, and 1# bag Meyer Lemons. No Organic Girl Salads in the Box–Order was shorted 18 mixes….so BOX PRICE IS $26.50   (There are 24 salads for sale–$4.00, Organic Girl Baby Spinach and Organic Girl 50/50 Mix.)

Lots of other items–prices will be updated on our What Produce At Buyer’s Group page, , under the Buyer’s Group tab.   

35 Openings remain for Group B, with the first box January 17th.  No money down–nothing to lose and everything to gain! Text 431-1219 with your name or email  

See you tomorrow!  Come check it out and think about signing up to guaranty good quality and fresh food for each week…or at least twice a month– 

The Farmer’s Wife