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Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome! Thursday at Bee Healthy, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. JANUARY 31, 2019


What day of the week is it?  Today is HUMP DAY, but tomorrow is the day after HUMP DAY…or, on a lighter note:  One day away from Friday, my favorite day of the week!   The Farmer and I worked today getting the produce prepped, the boxes filled, and the prices printed.   We’ll have 6 EXTRA Boxes on a first come, first serve basis–Consider signing up for Group B and being assured a box every other week.  Cost is $30 each box, discounted from direct sale pricing.  

This week’s BOX:  2 Avocados for your Super Bowl guacamole, a 2# bag of Envy Apples (ORG), Cucumber, Snap Peas, Broccoli, Garnet Sweet Potatoes (Yams), Organic Girl Salad Mix…all ORGANIC, and our own Acorn Squash from the garden last fall. Info Sheet with recipes included.  $30 

Lots of opportunities to add additional items:  Heirloom Oranges, ORG Lemons, Limes, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Kiwi, Mangoes, Red Danjou Pears, and more Avocados.  All vegetables and greens are USDA ORGANIC:  Green Beans, Brussels sprouts, Red Beets and other Radishes and Turnips, Rainbow CarrotsBaby Bok Choi and a Full head, too.   Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green and Red Cabbage, and Kale.  English Cucumbers and Slicing CucumbersOrange Bell Peppers, Shishito Peppers, and Jalapeno PeppersLeeks, Onions, and Garlic.  Zucchini, Herbs, Greens including Swiss Chard, and White MushroomsTomatoes and Fennel Bulbs.   REASONABLY PRICED!  CHECK OUT PRICES AND AVAILABILITY at , What Produce at Buyer’s Group page, under the Buyer’s Group tab.

See you there!   the Farmer’s Wife

Buyer’s Group B- Walk-in’s Welcome- Bee Healthy, January 31st


SPECIAL BOX–GROUP B:   2 Avocados, 2# bag of Envy Apples (crisp white flesh, slightly tart), ORG Cucumber, ORG Snap Peas, ORG Broccoli (no green worms…we promise…), ORG Yams, Organic Girl Salad Mix, Spaghetti Squash, and info sheet–  $30 ($34 value)

7 Openings in Group B!  If you would like the Box above and to sign up for the Buyer’s Group, text 431-1219 with your name.  

EXTRA’s for Members and Walk-in’s:  NEW! this week–ORG Envy Apples, Mangoes, ORG Red Danjou Pears, ORG Red Beets, ORG Bok Choi (full size), ORG English Cucumber, ORG Meyer Lemons, ORG Snap Peas, and ORG Shishito Peppers.  More of the Hass Avocados, Rio Star Grapefruit, Pineapples Gold, ORG Brussels sprouts, ORG Baby Bok Choi’s and MUCH, MUCH MORE…check the price list at , What Produce at Buyer’s Group under the Buyer’s Group tab.

See you Thursday at Bee Healthy!    The Farmer’s Wife

Walk-in’s Welcome/Buyer’s Group


Thursday at Bee Healthy was a great day…almost perfect!  We covered our check and got the extra needed to apply to the truck payment due for 2019.  Thanks to those Walk-in’s that stopped by to shop, and the Members that bought Extra’s.  The income from the Special Boxes helps to make Thursday Market at The Bee happen, but do not cover the cost of the produce from our distributors.  It is truly a community effort!

Please help us share the wordMarket Day at Bee Healthy every Thursday from now until the end of May. 

  • No membership required, though being a part of the Buyer’s Group guaranties a personal box of fruits and veggies for the week (or two weeks).
  • 9 openings still available in Group B with their next Box January 31st– $30.  Text 431-1219 to reserve a spot.
  • No money down, pay when you pick up your Box (and pick up your Extra’s for the week, too).
  • Review the Memo of Understanding, and check out the Buyer’s Group tab at .  While there, sign up ‘to follow’ so you’ll get the posts directly into your email!

Thanks AGAIN!  We appreciate your support and commitment to eating whole foods and taking your health seriously!  LOL 

Healthy foods for healthy bodies, Healthy bodies for healthy communities!   

The Farmer’s Wife


Group A- Today (Thursday) at Bee Healthy– Walk-in’s Welcome!

SPECIAL BOX TODAY:   Avocado and ORG Honeycrisp Apples, ORG Broccoli, ORG Orange Bell Pepper and ORG Cucumber, ORG Green Onions, ORG Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine, 2 of our own Honey Bear Acorn Squash and a Recipe for Apple and Sausage stuffing, and an Organic Girl Green Salad Mix (three possible varieties!)– $30  (Check or cash welcomed)

Lots of FRUITS and VEGGIES to purchase, as well as White Mushrooms and Fennel Bulbs–both Organic.

New items are ORG Brussels Sprouts, ORG Celery, ORG Swiss Chard and ORG Red Kale, ORG Green Onions and ORG Green Bell Peppers, ORG Zucchini squash, ORG Roma Tomatoes, ORG Taylor Farms Green Beans, and more ORG Baby Bok Choi…more of what we had last week.

New fruit this week:  Rio Star Grapefruit, Limes, Kiwi!

New Herbs are Thai Basil and Mint…more Cilantro and Parsley…more ORG Hawaiian Turmeric!

We open at 10:00, along with The Bee.  Best selection earlier in the day.  Good prices and great quality.  See you there!  the Farmer’s Wife

BUYER’S GROUP A–Thursday, January 24th at Bee Healthy…Walk-in’s Welcome!


We are well on our way to getting this program going!  Despite over-ordering last week, we did okay…YAY!!  We brought the 25 Special Boxes for Group B, and we’re able to sell 12 MORE as an INTRO for those wanting to try them but not sure they wanted to COMMIT…just yet– The Walk-in’s for the day took care of the rest!  THANK YOU COMMUNITY!!

Soooo….for this week, second box for Group B:  3-1/2# of ORG Honeycrisp Apples, Avocado, ORG Broccoli, ORG Cucumber and ORG Orange Bell Pepper, ORG Green Onions, 2 of our own Acorn Squash (& Acorn with Apple and Sausage recipe), 12 oz bag of ORG Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine, and a 5 oz clamshell of Organic Girl Salad Mix…..all for $30 ($33.25 value)

********************************************************************************We have decided not to put Potatoes in the Special Box as so many people are on diets which do not allow them.  BUT we will have 5# bags for sale as EXTRA’s. 


Still interested in signing up?  2 openings in Group A, and 10 openings in Group B.  Once we are full, the Buyer’s Group with guaranteed Special Boxes is closed, but we will always try to have a variety of Extra’s for sale for Walk-in’s. (Box price is 15%-20% less, and not all items are available for sale on certain case sizes.)   Text 431-1219 with your name, or email

Don’t hesitate and miss out!!  The Farmer’s Wife

EXTRA Boxes for Sale, Lots of produce for Walk-in’s, and 25 Boxes for Group B–January 17th, Bee Healthy, 10:00 a.m.


SIGHHHHH!  The Farmer and I finally got away for an evening on the town…Billings!  For us it was shopping at Costco (our $322 dinner–LOL), Walmart,  and a stay at the Com’On Inn, Jacuzzi suite…with a Senior discount– Good to get away for Date Night!   But now…back to the living!  We spent this afternoon getting 35 Boxes ready, and lining out all the Extra’s for sale tomorrow.  DONE!   So here is the report:

25 Boxes for Group B with everything promised and no great surprises (the Son met the truck in our absence and brought the produce back to the cooler and put it in the RIGHT places–We are blessed by our children!).  Because I ordered from Spokane Produce anticipating 40 BOXES, I have WAY MORE PRODUCE than anticipated–so I am discounting items to move them from our coolers to your refrigerators:

5 oz – Organic Girl Baby Spinach (15)…..$3.75 each  (normal retail $4.25)

5 oz – Organic Girl 50/50 Salad Mix (10)..$3.75 each (normal retail $4.25) 

Hass Large Avocados (31)…………………………………$2.00 each (normal retail $2.50)

Organic Broccoli (14)………………………………………..$4.00 each (normal retail $4.50)

Organic Cauliflower (30)…………………………………..$4.25 each (normal retail $4.75)

Organic Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine (22)…………$5.00 each (normal retail $5.75)

We will be stocking kale, herbs, ginger root and turmeric, cilantro and parsley, cucumbers, orange bell peppers, jalapeno peppers-all organic and very reasonably priced!

Also, Green Cabbage and our own Ruby Perfection Red Cabbage, Rainbow Carrots (2# bag), our own Daikon Radishes, SunchokesRed Sangre and Yukon Potatoes from the Anderson’s in Torrington, Sweet Potatoes (Garnet Yams), and Garlic and our own Onionsall certified organic or organically raised, and the potatoes are Natural with minimal pesticides.

And don’t forget the FRUIT!--ORG Fuji and Honeycrisp Apples, Heirloom Oranges, Dole Golden Pineapple, ORG Bananas, and Meyer Lemons and ORG Lemons…I guess I forgot to order the Limes….But, HEY!  next week!

The 10 EXTRA Boxes are called INTRO Boxes with either spinach or 50/50 mix.  You can purchase them Thursday WITHOUT a commitment to join the Buyer’s Group.  $25 for a $30 value:  Avocado, Heirloom Oranges, Rainbow Carrots, Cauliflower, Cucumber, Orange Bell Pepper, Onion, Red Kuri Winter Squash, 3# Red Potatoes, NO Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine (but you can add them for $5.00)I’m just thinking your going to say, “Wow!  This is great!  I’d like this twice a month, guaranteed!”….and then you’ll sign up for the Buyer’s Group!

Group B boxes are the same WITH the ORG Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine–$30.

See you TOMORROW, 10:00 opening at Bee Healthy, closing 5:30, WITH LOTS OF GOOD HEALTHY PRODUCE TO STOCK YOUR KITCHENS FOR THE WEEK–The Farmer’s Wife


Buyer’s Group—Group B. Jan 17- Bee Healthy STILL ROOM!

The produce for the Special Boxes has been ordered!  Truck comes in today— Boxes will be assembled Wednesday afternoon.   I still have 16 openings for Group B.  If I don’t fill them I will have a lot of produce to sell Thursday!

So, “Why should I get a box if I can come in and shop?”, you ask.  Well…

Economy!  Buying a box of veggies through the Buyer’s Group cost 15%- 20% less than buying as a Walk-in.

Guarantee! You are guaranteed a good cross section of fruits and veggies no matter whether early in the morning or afternoon. (Great for BUSY people who have more to do than shop for their food.)

Value! Where else in town can you get fresh veggies (and fruits) that are organic and priced competitively?

Beyond economy, guarantee, and value there is Committment— Without the faithful core of committed members we can’t run a stable program and be around for the next year!

COME! Be a part of the Food Revolution!  Eat healthy for healthy bodies, Healthy bodies build healthy communities!  The Farmer’s Wife