2019 Start Up Letter- CSA & Special Box Program

At long last–delay thanks to Mother Nature (or just our impatience!)–the Start Up of the CSA and Special Box Program is imminent!

You will receive a text with your Group Number–Here’s what it means:

First Letter is your Group— A is North Route, B is Casper/Thermopolis, C is Riverton/Lander, D is Worland, E is Buffalo/Sheridan.

Second (and third) Number is your Share Size (or frequency)–12 is Weekly, 1 is Leap-Frog’s that start first, 2 is Leap-Frog’s that start second, M1 is Monthly that starts first, M2 is Monthly that starts second.

Here’s the Start Up Schedule and Drop or Pick Up point:

A2- Delivery starts July 23rd- Lovell Firehall

B12 & B2- Delivery starts July 24th- Fresh Foods Wyoming route

C12 & C2- Delivery starts July 24th- Riverton (Graham’s Gluten Free) Lander (Lander Bake Shop)

D12 & D1 & DM1- Pick Up starts July 18th- Worland (1049 Washakie Ten)

D2- Pick Up starts July 25th- Worland (1049 Washakie Ten)

E2- Delivery starts July 29th with next Special Box August 9th- Buffalo (BLM Building) Sheridan (Good Health Market)

More Specific details regarding the deliveries can be found in the Start Up Letter.  Once we get the Start Up started up the actual dates Shares are available for the season will be posted on-line, too.  (Remember your Group Number.)


**For Pick Up at The Farm (1049 Washakie Ten) bring your own bag or box and plan on setting aside time to peruse The Store for fresh fruit and other food items, and see what Kris with Diamond S Delights has to offer in cheeses and raw milk products.  We’re hoping to have some surprise visitors throughout the season sharing food ideas, or their own foods!  Watch your email for Breaking News! (BE SURE TO BE SIGNED UP ‘TO FOLLOW’…)


In the heat of the summer and while attempting to keep the garden’s fervent pace, we do not include an info sheet with each Share, BUT we have recipes and other information at http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com .  At Pick Up’s we have recipes or veggie information taped on the table near the veggie–snap a picture with your smartphone!  For those on Delivery Routes I try to POST information from our website as well.  IF YOU ARE SIGNED ‘TO FOLLOW’ IT WILL GO DIRECT INTO YOUR EMAIL. Using the technology saves us time, paper, and ink.

As always TEXT me any questions– 307-431-1219.  I will answer ASAP.  If you email me or message me, it may get lost…’in the heat of the summer while we are attempting to keep the garden’s fervent pace’… As always, Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for making your food a priority!  Support local and fresh…we use organic principles…we care!

Lloyd & Terri Craft

Lloyd Craft Farms

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