Friday, December 7th—Holiday Special Boxes at Bee Health for Pickup

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Holiday Special Boxes will be delivered to Bee Healthy FRIDAY at 10:00.  You can pick them up until 5:30 when The Bee closes.  Boxes are in the back in a cool place but not under refrigeration—the sooner the better to get them to your homes!  🙂

Box Cost is $25– checks payable to Lloyd Craft Farms, or cash in an envelope with your name on the outside.  Helps us keep it straight with The Bee’s busy Friday schedule.   ALL THE BOXES ARE SOLD-  hallelujah!!

Take this opportunity to look around at the neat gifts Janet has in stock for Holiday giving!  Christmas tree ornaments or blown glass bulbs, Journals made from kid’s old classics, and cute knick-knacks for stocking stuffers. ‘Healthy’ treats, wonderful cheeses, and nuts for the stockings hanging off the mantle!  

Thanks for partaking of our last box of the season!  Don’t forget to shop our produce at Bee Healthy till the end of the month.  Buyer’s Group starts up in January!  Stay tuned—The Farmer’s Wife 

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