Reserve your Holiday Special Box of Veggies for this Friday, December 7th!


This is the time of year we bombard our GI tract (and conversely, blood stream) with lots of sugar, a little pasteurized eggnog, and most likely we overeat at least TWICE!  It’s a good time to add a little probiotic rich foods:  homemade sauerkraut and pickled Daikon’s (recipes and directions for both included in your Holiday Special Box). 

Sauerkraut takes roughly 4 weeks to cure, but HECK, you got to sample it each day after the first week to see if it’s DONE!  (Love that crunch–)  You’ll know when the Pickled Daikon’s are…pickled.  The purple Bravo’s are especially beautiful with the rose colored water. Even pickled, they still crunch!  Daikon’s are a milder radish that most of the smaller varieties–and high in dense nutrition and anti-oxidants.  (It’s that Brassica family again–such a good reputation!) 

I enjoy my Pick-Lit jar on the kitchen counter—it makes a couple of liters at a time.  Just right for us—better fresh than canned, with more enzyme action!  Your Holiday Special Box has 2 pickled recipes:  A quart sized Sauerkraut recipe for the 28 oz of shredded Kaitlin cabbage, and Lacto-Fermented Daikon’s with Garlic for the 1# bag of Daikon Radishes.  The bonus for both are not only is the food fermented and loaded with LIFE, but they are both in the Brassica family which is the hero of health with high levels of anti-oxidants!


Only 7 Holiday Special Boxes left to reserve for delivery to Bee Healthy on Friday, December 7th–$25.  Email (, text (431-1219), or respond to this post! 

HOLIDAY SPECIAL BOX CONTENTSShredded Cabbage (28 oz bag) of tender Kaitlin, suitable for sauerkraut, cabbage burgers, fried cabbage and Polish sausage, and slaws.  1# bag Brussels sprouts, 3# bag of Patriot potatoes (Red/White/Blue), Jumbo Yellow onion, 1# bag of Tri-color carrots (purples/orange/yellow), Daikon Radishes (Purple and White, milder than most radishes), 1# Sunchokes (AKA Jerusaleum Artichokes), and Winter Squash (Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash–blond, sweet, and smooth textured Acorn type).  Oodles of information and recipes included!

This is the last box for 2018.  We will continue to stock Bee Healthy until the end of the month, or until we run out.


With a little inspiration and a lot of ideas, this Holiday Special Veggie Box is a good thing for the Holiday season!  The Farmer’s Wife



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  1. Terri , okay sign me up if you have one still available…….Jr.

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